Olive Elementary School

News from Mrs. Bush

What Did You Do at School Today?

If your kids are anything like mine, when I ask them what they did at school today, the answer is almost always "nothing." At my house, we no longer ask that question. We have a routine at dinner in which each person (including Mom and Dad) have to share a good thing and a challenge about our day. It's a great way to hear about the fun things going on at school, as well as some of the struggles they are facing.

To help guide your conversation with your students, I'd like to share a little about their day for them...something we do daily. Third through fifth grade students participate in E/R (Enrichment/Remediation) Block for 30 minutes each day. Each week or so, students are pretested on grade level math content. We then use that data to create groups during this block of time. As many adults as possible are assigned to each grade level during their E/R block to ensure the smallest groups possible. Those performing highly on the skill are enriched and those whose score indicate they need more help, are provided it during this time (as well as whenever else possible throughout the day).

So, a great question for your older students could be, "What did you do in E/R today?" Maybe they can give you a more specific answer than you are used to. :)

September Schoolwide FUN- BMX Bike Anti-Bully Show

Thank You, PTO!!!

Thank you to the Olive PTO for giving each teacher a $50 gift certificate to the Fall Book Fair! They really appreciated it.

Less Paper Communication

You've probably noticed over the last year or so, that teachers are communicating more than ever via email. Teachers have been encouraged to provide newsletters, classroom information and individual communication via email. The reasons for this are many, but the primary focus is to minimize the use of paper, decreasing costs and helping the environment. We also feel this is a more efficient way to communicate, as many times papers get lost in those backpacks. So, check your email often...lots of information is sent home weekly, and it will keep you in the know.

Smile Program

Dental care remains the greatest unmet health need among U.S. children. Over 50% of children have a cavity, which can cause pain leading to missed school. Soon, the in-school dentist will be at our school! Enrollment forms were sent home with your child last week. To take advantage of this convenient opportunity and have your child see the dentist at school, please fill out and sign the enrollment form and return it to the school with your child by Oct. 4. Together, we can keep our children healthy, in school, and learning.

Student Dropoff

Please remember that students should not be dropped off prior to 7 AM. There is no one here to supervise them prior to that.

Thank You for Fundraising!

Thank you to all of our families for participating in our annual fundraiser. The school benefits in many ways from the funds raised. The black light party is scheduled on Nov. 28 for those who participated. Thanks, again, for your support!

Upcoming Events

10/3 Fire Safety Presentations by NCFD

10/4 4:30-7:30 pm 5th Grade VB @ Olive

10/6 4:30-7:30 pm 5th Grade VB @ RP

10/7 5:30 pm Olive Movie Night

10/10 Picture Day!

11/11 4:30-7:30 pm 5th Grade VB @ PV

10/12 Grading Period Ends

10/13 5th Grade VB @ Olive

10/17-10/18 2:30-6 pm Parent/Teacher Conferences

10/19 Schoolwide Fun- Pumpkin Painting


10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/25 4:30-7:30 pm 5th Grade VB @ PV

10/26 2 pm PTO Meeting

10/27 4:30-7:30 pm 5th Grade VB @ Olive

10/28 1-1:30 pm Halloween Parties (K-4) 12:30-1 pm (Grade 5)

10/28 5:30-7:30 pm Fun Fair

Olive Movie Night

Friday, Oct. 7th, 5:30pm

300 West Ben Street

New Carlisle, IN

Come and watch The Peanuts Movie. Admission is $1 and concessions will be served. Bring blankets, wear your jammies...whatever you want to enjoy the movie. Students must be accompanied by an adult.

Kate O'Connor's Irish Pub Give Back Trivia Night

Saturday, Oct. 8th, 11am-11pm

415 East Michigan Street

New Carlisle, IN

Present the coupon sent home with your child and Kate O'Connor's will give back 20% of the total sales to Olive Elementary PTO. The coupon can also be found our Facebook page.

PTO Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 2pm

300 West Ben Street

New Carlisle, IN

Fall Fun Fair

Friday, Oct. 28th, 5:30-7:30pm

300 West Ben Street

New Carlisle, IN