By garin Jamison

country basics

Romania is the name of the name of the country

Bucharestis the capital of Romania

the red yellow blue stripes represent Moddoraand walacia


Romania is next to Hungary , Bulgaria , Ukraine , Moldova

The Carpathian moutons is a major land form

Peles castle and Palace of parliament are major land marks

Mamaia beach and river water jiu are major bodies of water

the moutans can make the ground colder


Romania is a republic government

The leader of Romania is Klaus Johannes

Leaders are chosen by an election

The citizens enjoy the rights and freedoms granted to them by their constitution and other laws. Their roles and responsibilities are faithfulness towards country ,defending Romania, contributing to public expenditure and exercising their rights without any infringement of others rights


Romania is a rich nation

They use leu as currency

There main export where apparel ,machinery,metals and there manufacture , mineral fuels.

There life expectancy is 71.35 years. There berth rate is 10.8 per 1000 people. The literacy rate is 97.3%


Romanians where White pants white shirts and long black vest hats that are black

Romania language is Romanian

Romania Holladay's are new years day, day after new years day, unification day, orthodox Easter Monday

Romania religion is Christianity

One of Romania's dish is wee mes sausages


Summer 23 to 25 Celsius ,winter 10 and below spring and fall 18 to 22 Celsius

Romania average rain fall yearly is 103 inches

The average temperature is 52 Fahrenheit

The effects the climate is erosion and floods


The king of dacha reaches its heights point ever. The two planciapalities formed a union.

compair and contrast

Romania's and the us religion is Christianity. Romania's language is Romanian and the us language is English.

Romania language is Romanian. Romania where's different clothing. The religion is Christianity like the us. Romania is a republic too. The us celebrates Christmas. The us and Romania have Latin roots and use English al