European Discovery Project: England

By: Li Li Layden

Intro to England

Hey everyone! My country is England. The capital of England is London, the prettiest city with the most amount of historical buildings. Their flag is called the Union Jack. There is a picture of it next to this piece of text. The cross in the middle is derived from St George's cross from the middle ages and was used in 1606 as a component in the flag's design.

Flag's website:

The Geography of This Wonderful Nation

The continent that England is counted a part of is Europe. The only catch, is that it is on a group of islands called, The British Isles. England has a lot of human made landforms. That includes: Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Hadrian's Wall, Kings College, Cambridge University, The White Cliffs of Dover, black pool, Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, the Tower of London, the London Eye, and St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Humman-Environment Interaction

England has a lot of cold days, and that once caused a major problem. In 1952, there was something called, The Great Smog of 1952. Early in December 1952, a cold fog descended upon London. Because of the cold, Londoners began to burn more coal than usual. The resulting air pollution was trapped by the inversion layer formed by the dense mass of cold air.

Time For The Government of The Great England!

England is a very special country because of its government. England's government is a constitutional monarchy. In this system, the monarch is the head of state, while the Prime Minister is head of Her Majesty's Government, which wields executive power.

There are two leaders because of this, David Cameron(the Prime Minister) and Queen Elizabeth II. The Prime Minister is elected, and the role of queen is passed through generations.

Economy of The Great England!

Rights and Freedoms to The Citizens


Right to respect for privacy and home

Right to marry

Right to enjoyment of possessions


Freedom of thought

Freedom of Expression

One more is prohibition of torture.

Money Related Things

Even though England is on an Island, it's still a fairly wealthy nation! The GDP is high with $2.8 TRILLION (as of 2011)! Their money is called the British pound. (Next to this piece of text is a picture of the symbol used. The website link is at the end of this text.)

Now, Here Are The Main Imports, Exports, Birth Rate, Literacy Rate, Drinking Water Sources, and Life Expectancy

Exports: cars, fuel, food items, tobacco, and chemicals.

Imports: Manufactured goods, machinery, fuel, and food items.

Life Expectancy: Male = 83 years, women = 86.4 years

Birth Rate: 10.08 births out of 1,000 people/year

Literacy Rate: 99%

Drinking Water Source: Private wells and community reservoirs.

Time For The Culture of England!


Kids in England wear the same stuff that we do in the US, but they must wear a school uniform every day. Outside of school though, they can wear the standard jeans, T-shirt, and trainers(sneakers). Grown up women wear the standard clothes that we do, but they wear a lot of fashion trends. Grown up men wear trainers, long pants, and a T-shirt. occasionally, men will wear business clothes when going to work or a formal event.


The language is English, but it is a different kind. Their language is called: British English. It's pretty much the same thing, but the British English is full of slang, for example: Sneakers, trainers; line (a line you have to wait in), queue; aluminum, al-oo-mini-mum (That is how you pronounce it in England)...


England has every day that we celebrate (except Independence Day) plus more. England is a country that knows how to celebrate well. Down below are the holidays that they celebrate. My personal favorite is Pancake day, its' where they make millions of pancakes, then they have pancake eating races and other activities!

Christmas: 25 Dec.
Boxing Day: 26 Dec.
New Year’s Eve: 31 Dec.
New Year’s Day: 1 Jan.
Valentine’s Day: 14 Feb.
Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day): Date varies.
Ash Wednesday: Date varies.
International Women’s Day: 8 March.
Mother’s Day / Mothering Sunday: Date varies.
Daylight Savings Time
: Date varies.

Palm Sunday: Date varies.
Maundy Thursday: Date varies.
Good Friday: Date varies.
Easter Sunday: Date varies.
Easter Monday: Date varies.
May Day: 1 May.
Early May Bank Holiday: 1st Monday in May.
Spring Bank Holiday: Date varies.

Trooping the Colour: Date varies.
Father’s Day: 3rd Sunday in June.

Summer Bank Holiday: Last Monday in August.
Daylight Savings Time: Date varies.

Halloween: 31 Oct.
Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night): 5 Nov.
Remembrance Day / Poppy Day: 11 Nov.

Religion and Food

They have a lot of religions, that includes: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism. There is a lot of history in religion. People used to fight over wanting a new religion, or wanting everyone follow their religion.

Their favorite dish is Chicken Tikka Masala. The dish includes:

Yogurt, lemon juice, ground cumin, ground cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, ginger, salt,

  • boneless skinless chicken breasts, butter, garlic, jalapeno pepper, ground cumin, paprika, salt, tomato sauce, heavy cream, and fresh cilantro
  • Climate, A Must Know For Traveling

    Since England is on the British Isles, they don't have a dry climate. the climate is wet and humid. England is really far up from the Equator, so it is really cold, and then add in the wet, and you have a ton of snow. Their average rainfall is 32.2 in, so you may need rain boots. Like I said, its pretty chilly, to be exact, that temperature is 50.5 °F. Since England is on an island, there is a lot of water, and you can use water to create power, and because of that, there is a lot of hydroelectric power plants in England.

    Historical facts!

    A while ago, women were not allowed to vote for their rights and leaders, and that made women resentful. Soon, they started to fight for their freedom and rights. They eventually won, so they were able to vote ever since then.

    King John was faced with rebellion, so he created the Magna Carta to relieve himself and all future monarchy. That's why the monarchy in England don't control the government completely.

    Comparing You To England

    Even though England is a totally different country, we still have a lot of features in common. Here are 2 similarities between the US and England.

    1: As we all know ,in the US almost no one needs to wear a school uniform, but in England, you need a uniform every day.

    2: Everyday, you hear the English language in every class, but in England, they speak something called British English. They still use the words we use, but they sometimes have alternative words for items and never use the words that we use to name something. For example: line (American) = Queue (England)

    Some More Simalarities and Differences

    As I said before, thee US and England have a lot in common and a lot that's different. Here are some examples:

    Same: wears appropriate clothing to events

    Different: England has to wear uniforms in school

    Same: Speaks English

    Different: England uses slang terms, and the US uses not as much alternative words.

    Final Words

    Thanks for reading this discovery project, I know it was a but long, but there is a lot to say about England!