The Ocean Courant Staff Newsletter

Carelot Children's Center ~ November 2019

A message from Holly Bevilacqua, COO

On behalf of our Executive Team, I wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Back to School night! Your classrooms looked great and you all put a lot of effort into making it a great evening! Each program had unique qualities with the evenings events! We heard lots of positive feed back from the parents that did attend! I know it is disappointing when your family attendance is low but know that families talk and see what you are doing!

This time of year is the best time to teach community giving and involvement with your classrooms. The PTO will sponsor Butterbraid and Cake Rolls fundraiser, Thanksgiving baskets, and our Giving Tree! Utilize the giving tree event or baskets to teach about giving and not always receiving.

We hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the staff calendars that we made. This will assist you with planning within your classrooms and personal lives! If you have ideas for March to June activities, feel free to send me a message on facebook, email or give me a call.

KidReports are being introduced to the the sites. East Lyme is all set up and WTFD and CHAPLIN will be implemented next week. Brookyn and Killingly will be the next ones- we anticipate the first week of Dec. - We are so excited to share all of this with you!!!

I am so proud of the pictures, events and videos you are sharing with us. It is amazing to see how each of you interpret the lesson themes and how creative you make learning. Keep up the great job and I want you all to know how amazing it is to have you all part of our Carelot family working together to "Build Strong Foundations for a Lifetime of Learning!"

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Question of the Month:

" What do you feel makes Carelot "Stand out" from other programs?"

Submit answers to or on our staff facebook page by November 25th!

Last Month's Entries:

" Why did you choose Carelot for your childcare needs or employment?"

The winner is: Bonnie from Killingly!!!!

We had some great entries from both familes and staff!!

Loving and caring staff. Kelly, Mimi, and Danielle.

I chose Carelot for employment because I liked the fact that Carelot is a learning based facility. I enjoy teaching the children everyday. It gives me joy and happiness to know that I can be apart of young children's learning development. I have enjoyed shaping the children's little minds for the last 11 years!

My staff and our students are Family! Only want the very best for them and Carelot makes this possible!

Because it sounded like fun!

I love being around children and seeing their growth. It’s amazing to watch children flourish and so special be a part of that. I also love working with amazing people who share the same passion. I also know the quality care my son receives and he is learning so much!!

Nice people, convenient location, Ozzy loves it there!

Curriculum based, family based. Truly defying to an amazing work place. Everyone is energetic and on top of children’s needs and developments. Carmine loves not just his teacher but all the teachers. Carelot is our second home. Even carmine says when I tell him we are going to school, he says my other house.. it’s soo cute

I chose to work at Carelot for a couple reasons. At the time I had just had a child and wanted a job that was convenient for us. I love working with children and watching them learn and grow. As I continued my career with Carelot I grew a fondness of the way Carelot cared for my family as if we were part of theirs. I love the families and staff that have come through the doors. Love the flexibility and the structure of Carelot. Been here 20 plus years!

Thank you for taking the time to answer the question of the month.

All staff can have a chance to win cash- just submit your answers via email or our staff facebook page


Current CLASSROOM portfolios- You can dismantle the buckets and either discard or utilize items in them within your classroom/centers. We will be starting them completely from scratch in binders!

Waterford Staff: Get those portfolios completed. Our application is going in for a revisit

Chaplin: You are next on the list for renewal. Please make sure your portfolios are up to date with the new binders. We are all here to answer questions and help you with whatever you need.

Killingly & Brooklyn - I am so proud and excited with everyone's hard work and efforts to get ready for our NAEYC visit. Thank you for working together and proving once again what a great team of educators and staff we have at Carelot.

Continuing Education for this month!

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This month's incentive- Win !!!


  • Share a photo of your kids participating in any theme related activity to for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Discount school supply. Contest runs 9/1 to 10/30.- BROOKLYN DRAGONFLIES WAS THE ONLY ENTRY! Congrats - send me your list to purchase from Discount School Supply!!!
  • Door decoration contest- Executive directors incentive: Ask your Executive Director
  • Post or comment on our staff facebook page- each time you post or comment for the month of October you will earn a point. The person with the most points will be awarded Fabulous Fall gift basket valued at $25! CONGRATULATIONS- ANNIE!!!!
  • Article of the month- winner restaurant gift card- NO entries- NO winner


  • Staff and Children: Scarecrow contest- Post your pictures to the Staff Facebook page by Nov. 20th. Voting will take place the week after Thanksgiving! Let's see your team work and creativity!
  • Post or Comment on the staff facebook page- November's winner will received a Holiday fun surprise treat.

Licensing reminders from OEC

Medications: Only Medication Certified staff can accept and administer Medications.

First aid kits: Every center/clubhouse program shall have 3 complete first aid kits- 1 in the center, 1 for field trips and 1 on the playground at all times when children are outside.

Maintenance items: If you see something that needs repair, air vents dirty, dirty or missing ceiling tiles etc. please inform your site manager or Executive Director immediately.

Cleaners and Toxins: Toxins must be locked up and not in child space....This includes air fresheners, floor cleaner and white board cleaner.

Infant straps: All infant seats, strollers, high chairs etc. must have working and clean straps in them at all times.

Sensory Items: Items that are put in your sensory bins/tables must meet the choking size requirements for under 3. This includes Gel/water beads in toddler sensory - They are considered choking hazards.

Plastic bags: are to be kept out of the reach of children.

Have you completed your STATE REQUIRED TRAINING?

ALL staff will be required to take a mandated health and safety course. I have provided the link below. The state is tracking this so it is not a Carelot requirement. It will be recorded on CCAC for OEC. Everyone must have this class completed by the summer. The class is 5 hours online training if you hold a CPR/1st Aid and Medication Certifications. If you do not hold all of these certifications, you will be required to take an 18 hour online class. This class MUST BE COMPLETED to work in our program as per the CT OEC.


  • OUTLET COVERS! Please make sure that you have outlet covers in ALL of your outlets!
  • DO NOT put staples into the walls directly. Please use the bulletin boards or removable tape.
  • REQUEST for leaves must be filled out completely and includes requests for extended lunches. Remember to add your 2nd /3rd choice for vacation week requests.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and follow the hand washing procedure!
  • Teamwork is the KEY!! We cannot succeed if we do not work together as a team! Chip in without being asked– organize the resource area, blow up balls when air is low, clean up a mess you may see…. Working together we can make a difference!
  • Dress Code: Please remember to wear your Carelot Attire and Staff ID Badge at all times! Check out the order form on the staff facebook page.
  • A quick reminder to all staff, please remember it’s your job to close your own classroom down at the end of the day. That means taking all your garbage out to the trash, doors and windows are closed and locked, and no food left out. Let’s work like a team ladies and gentlemen. Happy Fall!!!

Carelot Children's Center

"Building Strong Foundations for a Lifetime of Learning"