Nazis and world war II

By:Grace Bacon and Christian Jackson

Tell me how the Nazis actions caused world war ll

  • world war ll is the most destructive war ever.
  • The Nazis did this because, they were cruel, and wanted to see people suffer.
  • The Nazis racial state caused the death of innocent millions.
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Nazi soldiers marching in the city

Did Hitler and the Nazis make the concentration camps

  • Yes, in 1941 Hitler had finalized and put Jews in his concentration camps.
  • Hitler and the Nazis made the concentration camps to kill people and make them suffer.
  • The whole reason Hitler did this was he did not like the religion they believed in, he also was part jewish.
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People in concentration camps eating and sleeping

Identify how long Hitler planned to dictate

  • Hitler started planning this in the 1930's and Quickly became a dictator.
  • Hitler probably would have never stopped if he didn't die, and could have became worse and even more deaths.
  • know one knows when he would ever stop.
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Hitler speaking to the public.
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