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The members


  • Dave Grohl – lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, drums (1994–present)
  • Nate Mendel – bass guitar (1995–present)
  • Pat Smear – lead guitar, backing vocals (1995–1997), rhythm guitar (touring 2006–2010), rhythm guitar (2010–present)
  • Taylor Hawkins – drums, backing and lead vocals (1997–present)
  • Chris Shiflett – lead guitar, backing vocals (1999–present)
  • Rami Jaffee – keyboards, piano, organ, accordion, harmonica (2006–present)


Grohl used the style of his previous band, Nirvana. The mix of quiet verses into loud, strong choruses made for a numerous amount of hit songs. Since Grohl was the drummer of Nirvana he could make the guitar as rhythmic as the drums in the song. This made writing the songs a simpler task to him than to any of the other members. Grohl said, "I could hear the song in my head before it was finished."

More Quotes by Dave Grohl

Grohl noted in 1997, "We all love music, whether it's the Beatles or Queen or punk rock. I think the lure of punk rock was the energy and immediacy; the need to thrash stuff around. But at the same time, we're all suckers for a beautiful melody, you know? So it is just natural." Grohl said in 2005, "I love being in a rock band, but I don't know if I necessarily wanna be in an alternative rock band from the 1990s for the rest of my life." Grohl said, "Through Kurt, I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that's stripped down."

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