Plight of displaced people

By: Victoria Menendez

Spreading Awarenss

Today around the world, plight of displaced refugess is a major concern that must be acknowledged. Refugees all around the world escape their country of birth in order to escape persecution and fear. According to Sandra Yin who is associate editor at the Population Reference Bureau, " At least 25 million people in some 40 countries worldwide have been forcibly displaced within their own countries by violent conflict or environmental disasters." ( The problem that causes this is the lack of resources given. IDP, which is known as internally displaced persons, are sometimes even attacked by their own government such as Sudan and Nepal. Currently the UN agencies and NGOs have started to pick up the slack and help the refugees ( The national governments are no longer helping the refugees because they are not stable or strong enough to help them. Spreading awareness will bring people all over the world to team up and help. We can help resolve this problem by creating sanctuary for the refugees to reunite with relatives and provide visas and resources. This will allow them to recreate a new life in a safe country for their family and themselves. If countries open their land to the refugees it can benefit the country by allowing the refugees to work, which will help improve the economy. The refugees will also help increase the population and allows diversity into the country. The first step to help resolve this issue is by spreading awareness and then taking action.