The River

Gary paulsen


Brian the main character, he was at home and three guys come to his house. they want Brian to go back in the wild like he did before ( Brian got in a plane crash the pilot died and he was in the wild for 43 days i think and he came back and he's been home for a year or so). Brian's mom and dad said that he can so they go before they get there Brian is already freaking out. Brian and Derek get there and a rain storm comes about an hour when they get there.Derek get hit by a lightning bolt and now he's in a coma. Now Brian has to fight for survival for him self and Derek.

The River

The Canadian woods

Gary paulsen

Gary Paulsen was in born in Minneapolis. His love for books began when he received a book and a library card from a librarian. Most of Gary Paulsen's story's are based on outdoor adventures and emphasized on the importance of natures. When Gary Paulsen lived in Minnesota he got an passion of dog racing. When he was 14 he went an carnival and took off away from home.



Brian- Brian is the main character in this story and he's the one that takes care of Derek when he goes into a coma

Derek- Derek is protagonist and Antagonist because Derek goes to Brian's house and ask him to go in the wild so he can do research how to survive in the wild.


Derek - Derek is the one that comes to Brian's house and talks to him. Derek is Antagonist because he makes Brian work harder when Derek goes into a coma.

Other Characters:

Mom- lets Brian go to the woods with Derek so Derek can do so research.

Dad- also lets Brian go in the wood with Derek so he can do research.

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