I Love to Read Month!

Hi Parents,

February is “I Love to Read Month.” Crestview is having a Homerun Reader Contest. You will be receiving a note home soon from our reading committee at Crestview explaining it in detail. The short version is below. Thank you for your support of your child’s reading!!

  • Students will be given a new sheet on each Monday during February and it is due back the following Monday (or Tuesday after Presidents’ Day).
  • Students need to read 5 of the 11 challenges on the backside of the card. (One challenge from each category)
  • Prizes will be given out on starting on Monday, Feb 8th and to keep things easier we will not be giving out advanced prizes. For example, if a student completes 5 of the 11 required tasks on the back of their player card and has a parent signature by Friday, they will need to hold on to it until Monday to claim their prize.
  • If students turn their slip in late we will still accept it.
  • Assembly to award prizes and have more baseball themed fun will happen on March 4th
  • All forms are due on Wednesday, March 2nd for students to be entered in to win Grand Prizes.

Let’s try to make this the BEST reading event yet!