Ashmore Exercise For Canines

Call (817.369.4290) or email me at

Are you always busy in the afternoon?

With helping the kids with homework?

Or at work?

Making dinner?

But never can make that time to walk you dog?

If that's the case read on, luckily you have someone that has time for you.

A Little Bit About Myself

I am Hannah, I do work alone. I am 12 years old, although I am very experienced with animals. I work with dogs the most and they are one of my favorite animals. I do live in Ashmore. I decided to start this business because of my love for dogs. Also to get more experience with them. I am such a fan of animals. My dream job is a veterinarian, this has been my dream job ever since I could say it. So I can handle your dogs with no problem.

The prices and fees

The prices for your dogs!

$9:for 45 minutes

$7: for 25 minutes

$4: for 10 minutes

$6: for medium or large dogs

$3: for little dogs

$8: for little and a medium or large dogs

$5: for two little dogs

$10: for two medium or large dogs

$3 fee: for unexpected dogs, if these dogs are known about the first three jobs no fee but after then it's a $3 fee.

I am available every day starting 5:00, except for Tuesdays and Saturdays.