Women's Rights

Men and Women: Finally Equal

Women Today


Today, women have the rights to have any job that a man is able to have. From judges to doctors, men and women are equal when talking about all of the different careers.

Money & Wages

Unfortunately, men an women are still not equal when it comes to getting paid. Every dollar a man brings home, a woman with the same job brings home seventy-nine cents. Hopefully, over the course of time, men and women will finally be equal in this topic.


Young boys and girls today receive the same education. Schools are also mixed with boys and girls who are able to be in the same programs. Also, you now get to choose the courses and classes you want to take for school. Boys and girls get the same choices and opportunities to become stronger, and smarter learners.


In an average house today, you will find a husband, wife, and a couple of kids. Houses and properties are now considered the husband and wife's together. If in the situation of a divorce, it is usually the husband, wife, and the judge's opinion of who will receive custody over the children. Families today are considered a husband and a wife's family as a whole.

Women in Public

Nowadays, women have their full rights to vote. They also can speak their minds in the public world, and just generally speak in public. Women can also be involved in politics too. Even though the United States of America has not had their first Woman President, it is allowed for a woman to run for president. In fact, a couple have, just have not won. I predict though, that in the future there definitely will be a first Woman President.