team KNOCKOUT Newsletter

February 2014

WELCOME TO team KNOCKOUT & thirty-one!!!

Kimberly Gudenrath

Heather Anderson

Janel Binder

Christi Uhing

Karrie Kelly

Congrats to Janelle Benes on DIQing in January!!!

Congrats to everyone who sold $1,000 or more in January!

Janelle Benes-$3,746.00

Bonnie Schulz-$3,170.50

Denise Klimes-Schumacher-$2,464.00

Jennifer Peterson-$1,957.50

Angie Lafferty-$1,712.50

jill ellerbrake-$1,303.00

LeAnn Flanagin-$1,223.00

Susie Witulski-$1,134.50

Lara Eslick-$1,086.50

Trisha Anderson-$1,065.50

Amber Smith-$1,025.00

Congratulations on sharing the thirty-one Opportunity!!

Bonnie Schulz-2

Annmarie Engel-1

Jane Jacobsen-1

Denise Klimes-Schumacher-1

Amber Smith-1

Congratulations to our StartSwell Earners!

Ann Engel-Level 1

Julie Thyne-Level 2

Denise Schumacher-Level 1

Earn your CONFERENCE BUCKS until April 30th!

Personal Volume***

Earn up to 8 stars!

$300 PV = 1 star
$600 PV = 2 stars
$1,200 PV = 4 stars
$2,400 PV = 6 stars
$4,800+ PV = 8 stars

Earn April’s Ready, Set, Sell Kit
Receive up to 2 stars!

$500 level kit = 1 star
$1,000 level kit = 1 star

When you earn the $1,000 level kit, you’ll receive 2 stars – one for each level.

Recruit and qualify a new Consultant (PEQA)
1 star

Only available for the enroller.

New Consultant must enroll AND qualify between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Get a promotion or promotion bonus
1 star

Promotion or bonus must
be earned between
January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Become a new Consultant

2 stars

Only available for new enrollees
who join Thirty-One between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Earn StartSwell levels
Earn up to 4 stars

Receive one star for each StartSwell level earned.

Level must be earned between January 1 – April 30 to qualify.

Anyone who ends February without a $0.00 PSV will be entered in a drawing!

Don't forge the ZOUT Challenge!

March Customer Special!

March Hostess Special...great booking tool!

April 2014 C&C Important Dates

Attendee Dates

Consultant Registration February 26 - March 13

Consultant Late Registration*
*$5 non-refundable Late Registration Fee deducted from commissions March 17-24

Meetings April 3-6

4 Ways to Keep Reinventing and Re-energizing Your Business

  1. Socialize with Customers: Sometimes you need to get out of your rut. Find out what’s important to them, what interests them, what they talk about. Make sure you’re focused on learning as much as you can about the people you serve, and use that insight to improve and grow your business.
  2. Connect with Other Business Owners: Another great source of insights that can help your business grow is other business owners. So team up with other local small businesses and learn from them. Help promote the businesses of others, and you may find that you increase your customer base as well.
  3. Remind People About Your Business: Don’t assume everyone remembers what you have to offer, especially sine you don’t own a brick and mortar establishment that people see regularly. Marketing and advertising should be a regular part of your business activities. Make sure everyone knows what you do and do whatever necessary to encourage them to come to you with their needs. Make sure you’re doing what it takes to stay front of mind for your business.
  4. Provide Personalized Service: If your business has a reputation for personalized, excellent customer service, your reputation will spread. Everyone likes to feel like they have someone who is completely committed to meeting their needs. Make it a point to make every single customer you work with feel like they are a rock star. Ask questions, learn the names of their kids, find out what matters to them. Bring these things up each time you talk to them. And try to anticipate their needs, so that they feel like you are going the extra mile for them. It will be appreciated and bring them back, because very few businesses provide this level of service anymore.

*adapted from Direct Selling Education Foundation

Important Dates

February 28th-Last day for Zipper OUT Special

March 1st-31st-March Special-1/2 off 5 Totes {Easy Breezy, Euro Straw, Inside Out, Retro Metro Fold Over & Cindy Tote}with every $35

Now-March 15th-Imagine what's Possible New Consultant Incentive

Now-April 30th-Earn Stars for NC 2014

February 26th-March 13th -Registration for April Celebrate & Connect

April 3-6th-April Celebrate and Connect

July 10-12th-National Conference 2014-Denver, CO

July 23rd-25th-National Conference 2014-Columbus, OH

Congrats on a great moth team KNOCKOUT!!!