Tough Love

Friday, March 6th, 9pm

This is an online event.

I am a teenager, which means my standards are high. I expect them to be reached. Its been very cold, and windy most days. So I am always in the house playing games, laying around all day after school.

My manners aren't good, and neither are my grades. I am always laying on my butt, eating, and playing video games. I get behind on my chores and homework, but I still cant help it. Missy, a single independent mother, confronts her son Ryan. " you need to stop laying all these video games, its not good for you. And why haven't you did your chores lately?'' He stared with a blank look. '' Oh yeah, your teacher called and she says that you are failing, and disrespectful. You need to change or suffer the consequences.''

I thought about it. And I said to myself ''I am not all that bad, so what if I am a little lazy and play games all day, I am not bothering anybody.'' So he went in the bathroom, and he stopped at the mirror. And took a big glance at himself. "Maybe she's right.'' The next day he woke up to no television on his stand, or other electronics. So he wondered into the quiet living room, an there was his mother. "I told you."

He Started to get sad while his mother explains. '' I told you that something like this would happen if you didn't get your act together.'' He walked away, speechless. He sat in his room and thought about it. The next day, he went to school with a new attitude and he did all his classwork, and work he missed. He then came home and did his homework, then completed his chores. After a couple months, mother decided to give his electronics back. " No, I don't need it anymore.'' Mother was in shocked, but even more shocked when he got a scholarship to a 4 year college.