Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * March 16, 2015


This week, we will ponder the question, “What can you learn from signs in your community?” In the humorous fiction story, The Signmaker’s Assistant, a town’s residents learn that they can’t always believe what they read. We will also read the play The Trouble with Signs.

Target Vocabulary: assistant, agreed, polite, failed, tearing, wisdom, trouble, cleared

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels ar (car)

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms

Comprehension Skill: Text and graphic features- tell how words work with art

Comprehension Strategy: Question – asking questions about what you are reading

The second marking period has Friday and we are all excited to begin Guided Reading groups again. Each child should be bringing his/her book home during the week.

This week, the students will complete their own “How To” books. The students have demonstrated their many skills like; making a snowman, brushing their teeth, setting the table and doing homework, which they have made step-by-step directions. For their "final," they will watch me complete a task; making a sandwich, and create a How To book on their observations. Once they are complete, we will be changing gears and refocusing our writing mini lessons back to personal narratives. The students have learned and practiced writing; interesting leads, elaborate details to describe the setting and characters, and using suspense. After a quick review and practice session, we will focus on writing the main even of a narrative. The students will use questions to help guide them and develop the main event instead of writing a short summary that quickly tells the reader what happened.


Lesson 8-1: Equal Parts of ONE

  • Using manipulatives to model ½, ¼, and 1/8,
  • Dividing shapes into equal parts
  • Writing fractions to name equal parts
  • Key Vocabulary – congruent, ONE (the whole), fraction, denominator, numerator

Lesson 8-2: Exploring Fractions, Multiplication and

Division, and Volume

  • Comparing 1’s 10’s and 100’s
  • Comparing fractional parts using pattern blocks
  • Making reasonable estimates for the total amount
  • Making arrays on geo-boards to model multiplication
  • Key Vocabulary – cubic centimeter, volume

Lesson 8-3: Collecting Things

  • Describing and name fractional parts of a collection of objects
  • Using manipulatives to model fractions as equal parts of a collection of things

Lesson 8-4: Equivalent Fractions

  • Counting equal parts of a circle
  • Labeling fractional parts of a circle
  • Identifying and writing equivalent fractions
Key Vocabulary: equivalent, equivalent fractions

Social Studies

The students will work together to identify the meaning of customs and holidays. They will explore the holidays: Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Kwanza, and Halloween and look for similarities and differences in holidays. We will learn that, in America, people celebrate many different holidays and have many expressions of culture in our communities. We will learn that stories and art are expressions of culture and will try our hand at writing haiku. Finally, we will have a discussion about how ideas and culture spread from one place to another. The students will learn about and describe how science and technology have changed how people communicate.

To complete Unit 4, we will discuss how the United States is only one country on a big continent in an even bigger world. It is important to know about other countries and where they are located. Since countries share their ideas and cultures, it is also important to know which countries are our next-door neighbors and which are further away. We will look at and read a World Map to familiarize ourselves with the many different countries we share our Earth with. We will also review everything we have learned through the unit to prepare for the test on Friday.


Congratulations to the all of the students who performed at The Stoy School Talent Show!

  • March 17th - Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Student Council Lucky Charms delivered
  • March 19th - BOE Meeting 7:00 pm in RMS Media Center
  • March 20th - Unit 4 Social Studies TestFirst day of Spring, FINALLY