Is Andrew Jackson really a hero?

He's more like a zero!

The Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Indians were doing great in their land. They were happy and well settled. When Jackson came along he found out that there was gold under their land and Jackson wanted it. So he moved the Cherokee Indians to Oklahoma by force. When this situation came to court, it got denied by John Marshall the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. When Jackson heard this he got very mad and said that he is still going to follow through with it anyway. The Cherokee Indians traveled west to their new land during the winter. It was so cold that many of them died. Many of them also died from sickness and starvation. Who would want a President that killed people in a selfish way just so he can get what he wanted.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson did not like the National Bank. He felt that it was unconstitutional despite the Supreme Court's ruling in McCulloch v.s. Maryland. He wanted to get rid of it. So when the charter for the second National Bank was put up for Presidential approval, Jackson vetoed the bill. This is a selfish way as well because people lost their jobs.

the Nullification Crisis

There were two tariffs passed during Jackson's presidency. The Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. The south was very upset especially South Carolina because they depend on imported goods. South Carolina threatened to officially withdraw from the Union. Congress passes The Force Bill to which will make South Carolina pay their taxes. Now The Force Bill gives Andrew Jackson power to use the army against South Carolina and Jackson threatened to hang their leader John C. Calhoun (his former vice president) This conflict is resolved by Henry Clay making a compromise between South Carolina and Andrew Jackson and his people that are behind him. When he figures out what he wants he charges at it. I would prefer a president who is flexible when things don't go his way.
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Explanation on Political Cartoon

This is showing Jackson trying to destroy the National Bank and him trying to take them down. The Monster is the National Bank.