By:Lily Bibb


A blizzard is a type of storm,you probably already knew that but you might not have known some of the things I'm going to tell you. When there is a blizzard there is a big sheet of snow over the earth, like a blanket.

How and Where a blizzard forms.

Warmer air has to rise over cold air in order for the blizzard to form. In the United States blizzards are common in the Upper MidWest and Great Plains but happen in most places of the country just not in the Gulf Coast or the California Coast.

Blizzard Warnings.

They can be very violent. Very cold and the snow gets whipped up from the ground.

Are there Clouds Associated with blizzards?

Yes, the clouds associated with blizzards are Cirrostratus, Altostratus and Nimbostratus.

Does a blizzard have different scales used to measure severity?

The notable is 1-2.499

Significant: 2.5-3.99

Major 4-5.99

Crippling 6-9.99

Extreme 10.0+


Check the weather frequently.

Drive safely or do all of your errands before hand.

Try to not be outdoors.

Be at home and be safe.