The Battle(s) for Fort Fisher

American Civil War

the first battle for Fort Fisher

December 23 to December 27, 1864. Fort Fisher is a naval fort at Wilmington, North Carolina. in 1864 the Union navy attempted to seize the fort in a 4 day naval and ground assault but the fort was deemed impregnable and the mission aborted. this assault was lead by MG, Benjamin F. Butler and the defending confederate General was William H.C. Whiting. This was a crushing defeat for the union.

The second Battle of Fort Fisher

on the days of January 13-15, 1865 The second battle saw a return of the union to Fisher, this time lead by Alfred H. Terry, the battle consisted of multiple rounds exchanged on either side before Terry landed troops at the fort and the fort fell to a ground assault. Gen. Terry had to travel to Battery Buchanan to receive an official surrender from confederate General Whiting.

This battle saw the strength of over 12000 troops and 58 ships on the union side and over 8000 troops on the confederate side.

this battle came to be a Union victory.

statistics and fun facts


First Battle: Estimated 302

Second Battle:

union Casualties: 1057 wounded, dead, and missing

Confederate Casualties: 1,900, 538 killed, entire garrison captured.