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Welcome back Frenship Staff! Thank you for allowing us to capture the great things happening in your classrooms!

Cindi Cobb

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Mock Interviews in Landscape Design Course

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Students in the Landscape Design course participated in mock interviews with business and industry professionals. Each student prepared a resume and cover letter prior to the interview.

FMS Students Solve Math Equations

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Connor Bryant at FMS works with his 8th-grade students providing academic feedback to help clarify their understanding of solving equations.

Pre-K Students First Week of School Success

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Willow Bend students in Ms. Clay’s Pre-Kindergarten class engaged in learning centers the first week of school!

Dual Language Class Participates in Mock Debate

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Mr. Núñezes' 5th grade Dual Language class participated in a mock debate where they identified a topic and took a position, for or against. The goal was to help students make connections between literary texts and real life contexts.


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Willow Bend fifth graders in Ms. Gayle’s reading class set personal and academic goals for themselves. They are working hard each day to accomplish these goals. Great job, Willow Bend Tigers!

Second Graders Measure Physical Properties

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Rachel Ramirez's 2nd grade dual language students at Willow Bend recently observed and measured the physical properties of a variety of candies and a Popsicle. Students described the relative temperature, tested flexibility, and measured the size of the objects using non-standard measurement methods.

Reese Students Work Together in US History

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Students at Reese who are involved in the US History EOC class participate in a cooperative learning activity with a large scale timeline.