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Mrs. Donnay's 3rd Grade Classroom Newsletter 5-16-16

Mark Your Calendar

Week of May 16- Art Show, Book Fair

May 17- Kindergarten, 1st & 3rd Grade (7:00-7:40) - Music Concert

May 18- Warner Nature Center classroom visit

May 19 - 2nd & 4th Grade Music Concert

May 20- Field Day & Spirit Wear

May 25- Trolley Ride Field Trip

June 1- End of year party (Volunteers needed)

Click Here to read about Music Concert & Field Day

Please read the May Lower School Paw Print for information on the Music Concerts and Field day! There is important information about times, bring a bag lunches, how to dress and more.

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Peek at the Week


This week we will begin reading Alice in Wonderland. This book and comprehension activities will take us to the end of the year. We will continue to review the many grammar concepts we have learned his year.


Students should have wrapped up their animal and plant book over the weekend. We will be sharing our hard work with the kindergarten classes on Friday.


This week we will wrap up our unit about early explorers. A study guide will go home on Monday and the test will be on Thursday.


I will be sending home each child's research paper on an animal this week. The students worked on typing their animal research papers in the computer lab and on laptops. They wrote a works cited page, learned out to download and insert pictures, and created a title page to complete their project.

I know you will be impressed by your child's growth in writing this year! I can't believe how much they have grown since I the beginning of second grade! The best part of moving to third grade has been seeing the incredible amount of improvement that each child has made! It's so impressive!

This week we will work on finding the main ideas from our history texts and writing complete sentences in our own words. We may also have fun with a little poetry!

I would highly recommend using some sort of typing program over the summer and encouraging your child to use the home row with two hands when typing. See the link below for a free and fun typing website.


On Friday there will be a test on Unit 6 Lesson 2. Students should be studying their spelling words each day. They can use . Test fixes are due each Monday.


Each month students should bring in an example of the monthly character trait to hang on our class bulletin board. May's trait of the month is SERVICE. Ask your child how they can show courage at school and at home. SERVICE bulletin board items were due on May 6th. Please turn this in ASAP!


Who are you favorite explorers and why?

Why did explorers come to America?

What story are you reading this week in reading class?

What are a few non-fiction text features?

What's going on in MATH?

Ganz: Benchmark 5, Tables and Schedules, Tenths and Hundredths on a Number Line, Fractions Equal to 1 and Fractions Equal to 1/2, Changing Improper Fractions to Whole or Mixed Numbers

Yannarelly: Mass and Weight, Classifying Triangles, Symmetry, Division with Zeros in 3 Digit Answers, and lesson reviews

Donnay: division with remainders, prime and composite numbers, multiples and factors, test review, and test 9

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Learn to Type - Dance Mat Typing

Check out this fun typing game. Remind your child to keep their hands on the home row!

Reflex Math

Click on this link to use Reflex Math and practice math facts! Your child has their own login and password. Please email me if you need this information again.

Spelling City

Click on this link to use to practice spelling words. The week's list unit and lesson name is on the top of the spelling sheet in your child's planner.

Lower School General Information Website

Please find any forms, calendars, background check forms, spirit wear days, etc on this webpage.