Moreau Heights Principal Newsletter

December 2017

Message from the Principal

We are heading into December with a full calendar of learning and celebrations! Our character trait this month is Compassion, which fits perfectly with the season of giving.

We continue to work on appropriate choices at school, including responding appropriately to adults and solving problems in a safe way. Please talk to your child about how they handle these situations. We expect that problems with peers involve our Stop, Walk, Talk process to try to solve on their own, then notifying an adult if the problem doesn't stop. Our policy is that we do NOT solve these problems with our hands, we use our respectful words to tell others what we need. Please help us by reinforcing this message at home.

Sue Haugen


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Nomination for Teacher of the Year

Eisinger Teacher of the Year!

It’s that time of year again - please take a few minutes to nominate a deserving educator for the 2018 Eisinger Teacher of the Year award! Nominations are due by Wed. Jan. 10. Eligible educators include full-time, certified teachers, school librarians, guidance counselors or instructional coaches that have five years of teaching experience, with two of those years being served in the Jefferson City Public Schools.

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, Dec. 12

*Conscious Discipline Parent group meeting 11:00 in library, free lunch

Thursday, Dec. 14

*Cookie Dough pick up

Friday, Dec. 15

*PBS Assemblies

- 8:30 grades 3-5

- 9:40 grades k-2

*5th grade field trip to Salvation Army

Thursday, Dec. 21

*End of 2nd Quarter

Friday, Dec. 22

*9:00 - 9:45 School-wide Sing-a-long

*10:00 - 10:45 Classroom Celebration

*12:15 Students dismissed


Wednesday, Jan. 3

*School in session

Thursday, Jan. 4

*Grade cards sent home

Friday, Jan. 5

*2nd quarter PBS Celebration (invitations will be sent to students who qualify)

FREE Thermometer - FLUency Program

The Kinsa FLUency program is now live for our school! This program will keep our school healthier by:

● Giving each family a FREE Kinsa Thermometer

● Showing all families "what's going around" for preventative care

● Reducing sick days through early detection and increased awareness

The more families that participate, the more successful the program will be in keeping our students healthier throughout this flu season.

Signing up for the program is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Download the FREE Kinsa app for iOS or Android

2. Create profiles for your family members

3. Go to "Groups" and search for our school using our location. Join our school group. An email will be sent to you when your thermometer arrives to the school.

We are excited and proud to be chosen for this exclusive program and look forward to a healthier flu season this year!

Important Information

  • Please follow our procedures for morning drop-off and pick-up that have been created to keep our students safe. We use the lower driveway, of off Carol Street. Staff will be present to help with unloading and loading cars. DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS ALONG THE FRONT CURB BETWEEN 7:30 and 8:15.

  • If you need to change transportation plans for the day, please contact the office, 659-3180, by 2:15.

  • We believe in supporting our students as a COMMUNITY, which means we value working with families to see that students are successful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact his/her teacher to discuss things. Our teachers are happy to work with parents for student success!

  • Feel free to join your child for lunch any day! Talk to your child's teacher about specific lunch times.

Its Cold Outside!

Temperatures are dropping and we WILL have students outside for recess unless they fall below a wind chill of 20 degrees.

Please send your child with a heavy coat, gloves and hat so they are warm while they play!

Focus on Parenting - Praise

Why do so many adults, from so many varied walks of life, say the same thing about praise? “It backfires with a lot of kids. Their behavior actually gets worse after receiving it.”

What is “Praise”?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Praise” means, “to express a favorable judgment of: commend.”

Examples from daily life include:

• Super job!

• You are so bright.

• Way to go!

Two Types of Praise


This type comes from sincere excitement over something a child has done. Most of the time, I encourage people to relax and allow this type to happen.


This type is done by good-hearted people for the express purpose of shaping behavior. This type is the most likely to backfire.

An Alternative: Notice and Describe

In this week’s blog I also describe three reasons why intentional praise can create pain for some children. For the purposes of this brief tip, let’s simply look at an alternative to praise.

Notice and describe the behavior without judging it.


• I noticed that you finished the assignment even though it was challenging.

• You did all of your chores without being reminded. How does that feel?

• I noticed that you kept your cool when those kids were teasing you. What was that like for you?

• I noticed that you spent a lot of time today helping your little brother.

• You completed nine out of ten correctly. I imagine that feels really good.

If praise seems to be making things worse with a child you know, experiment with these ideas. The underlying message sent to the child will be:

I love you unconditionally.
You don’t have to earn my love, and you can’t lose it.
You get to decide how you feel about your accomplishments.

Nominate a Difference Maker!

Know a Difference Maker at Moreau Heights? Have a teacher or other staff member who has gone above and beyond to make a positive difference for your child or our school, nominate them to be recognized for their work!

Nominate someone using this link:

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