what causes tornadoes????


what causes tornadoes???

what does cause tornadoes , but the main reason they form is that from the weather that we have , but if it gets too strong it can get out of control and form a tornadoes or just a heavy wind power and it can cause a big mess.

In what ways do video games affect children and teenagers???

video games affect teenagers because they spend they money on games and the latest games or the latest update that cost money for the upgrade....but the worst part is that they don't do there homework or they don't go outside that much.And that they get lazy and they dont take care of there work or there responsibility that they have around the house.


theses past day , were was tornadoes and bad weather and flooding every where . from what I read was that the storm can be from from a man or technology or the weather that we form other states or from the places near us.

my research for my 'what causes tornadoes '; and '' what ways do video games affect children and teenagers''

By the research I did I found out how the tornadoes our form and how videos games affects kids theses days are crazy because these day children don't play outside as much no more since the new technogly can out. and the storms that we have from the past day are forming by the climate that we are having because if we have a cold weather we get snow because it can get cooler by the second.

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