let’’s give some hope...

What is HOPE ?

A Helping Organization for Promoting Education + Health

Story that made us to start HOPE

We have come across a situation in which a student who can’t afford education as her father was a clerk has completed her Intermediate education privately and in Intermediate which she scored well but her EAMCET score was low because of that she couldn’t get a free seat in Engineering so his father has come to Sriram seeking for help and when we came to know about this situation we along with our friends have contributed some amount of money for her education and created a HOPE for her future
Her mother was expired due to illness as they were not in a situation to afford for the treatment not her mother many can’t afford for treatment.
As a result HOPE was started to raise fund for Education + Health and create some HOPE in their lives.

Join our Hands in Creating a HOPE

Its very simple you can be member by donating a some amount of money to HOPE and provide your basic details so that you’re informed about the further events organized by HOPE


Students of GITAM and Donors of HOPE


Surya Vamsi B.
Vamsi M.
Sai Sriram K.

How to request for help

All you have to do is give a call or mail us your problem and what you need us to do.


Till now we had 2 events and soon going to have many events.

Donation:Contributed an amount of Rs.5000 for her college tuition fee to her father P.Kameswara rao.

Donation:Plates to Students of class 1st-5th standard.


  • Help done by us will give some HOPE to people,no matter how small or big it is.
  • Help should be done in correct time.A second less or more shall make it worthless.
  • Helping event should not disturbed or stopped or postponed.Our events will not be stopped or postponed due to any circumstances unless the request by the receiver.
  • We respect every member of the organization and are pleased to take any advice regarding any event but its implementation shall not be granted unless discussing it with main members.
  • We accept any request letters or emails but the requester should submit the documents(Proofs) asked by the Organization.

Important Note

  • A request for help other than education and health shall also be done under some circumstances.
  • All the above rules can be extended or changed in future under certain circumstances.