Pragmatic President Jefferson

By: Ashley Nordon and Alisha Mathew

Background Info

Pragmatist- Someone who deals with problems in a sensible, practical way instead of following a set of ideas

Core Beliefs

  • Strict interpretation of Constitution
  • Agricultural economy
  • Strong state power


Positive Beliefs
  • Protect individual rights
  • Lower voting requirements
  • Faith in the common man
  • Pay off national debt

Negative Beliefs

  • Opposed a federal bank
  • Against import tariffs
  • Against foreign trade

Federal Bank

  • Originally against it
  • He found out during his presidency that the federal bank was better for the country so he then changed his mind on it which made him pragmatic
  • Enforced in later years

Louisiana Purchase

He was was savvy

  • He bought the land for 3 cents an acre
  • Total of 15 million dollars
  • Jefferson sent ministers to offer Spain 10 million dollars to New Orleans Port and West Florida
  • The river to Louisiana was good for the farmers, they needed fresh water for their farming of crops.
  • Thought by saving money and getting a deal it was the best for the country/ the future

Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Jefferson personally requested
  • They explored Louisiana territory and more
  • Assisted in the people's understanding and migration west