How To Make Good Decisions

By: Malene Marquez

Leadership and Skill

In order to make good decisions you must have leadership and skill by always being a leader and doing what is right.
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Staying Focused

Staying focused is something that is a big part of making good decisions because if you are focused then you will never get off track and and make a wrong decision.
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Always come to your loved ones for their avice and opinions

I believe that if you go to your family and loved ones for advice and their opinions they can help you realize the thing you have been questioning or even lead you into making the right choices and decisions and also knows whats best.

Looking at the pros and cons of things

Looking at both the pros and cons of things can help a person choose whats best.
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Asking for help

Sometimes making a good decision can be in another hand and all you have to do is ask for help.
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