Maverick Minutes

Week of 3/14-3/18

Teacher Working Condition Survey!

If you complete your survey by Monday, 3/21…you may wear jeans this week!!!

Welcome Spring!

You survived the Ides of March (March 15) and you have made it to Spring! Yes…it will fly from here and there is nothing to stop it. Once Spring Break concludes, the countdown to Awards Day, wrapping up athletics, yearbooks, field day and EOG's will be on! Before long, we will put this year in the books and head out for summer. Pace yourselves…each day is vital, each week should be protected and productive. Stay the course of norms. Students will get restless this week and in the days to come…keeping the routine is best practice!

I want to thank Mr. Bielinski and everyone who went on the Charleston trip. Our students had a great time and were well behaved. Several groups have commented on their behavior and that makes me so proud. We have two more trips to go…8th grade to DC and 8th grade band to Orlando. Please keep these groups in prayer for safe travels and enjoyable experiences.

This is the last newsletter until we return from Spring Break!

Important Dates! March 21-April 7


3/21 Dodge Ball/Knockout Rewards day program in the gym 2-4

Soccer home vs CCG—Bill

Baseball/Volleyball at CCG


3/22 Fundraiser product in Aux Gym—parent p/u 4:15-6 PM

Pre K-12 Principals Meeting at the Ed Center

Track at Concord MS


3/23 Grade Level Mtg. Day

Baseball/Volleyball @ Concord MS

Soccer home vs Concord MS


3/24 Early Dismissal 1:00 PM

PLC Facilitators and Coaches to Winkler @ 2:30

Planning/Staff Development Day (Grades)

Grades due before 3:00 to Mrs. Longberg


3/25 Planning/Staff Dev. Day (Grades)

3/28 Holiday

3/29-31 Annual Leave Days



4/1 Annual Leave Day


4/5 API/AP Mtg.

Track Meet @home

Baseball/Volleyball @ NW Cab MS


4/6 Grade Level Mtg. Day (Gary Howard Team will be presenting during GL)

PTO Mtg. 6 PM

Soccer @ NW Cab MS


4/7 Baseball/Volleyball home vs Mt P MS

Soccer @ Mt P MS

Professional Development

If you are interested in presenting professional development next year, please email me prior to Spring Break. This is a wonderful way to earn leadership opportunities for your evaluation.

2016 NCASRO Spring Gun Raffle

1) Del-Ton AR 5.56 mm 223 Rem/5.56 NATO

2) Remington 870 Express Pump Action 12 gauge

3) Henry Arms Lever Action 22 LR Rifle

4) Stevens 320 Pump Action 12 Gauge Shotgun

5) Ruger Muddy Girl 22 LR Rifle

$5.00 Donation

Five chances to win!

Drawing will be held April 23rd, 2016 at NCASRO

Golf tournament at Charlotte National Golf Course

Thank you for your support and winner need not to be present to win.

All winners should be able own/possess a firearm in accordance state and federal laws.

NCASRO Spring Gun Raffle

Superior Rating for 8th Grade Band at MPA!

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Around the Ridge!

Marvin the Maverick @ Meal Night! Thank You Wyatt Gonion!

Spring Sports Begin!

Baseball, volleyball, soccer and track are underway. Coaches, please send me information each week to include in the newsletter. Teachers are very interested in seeing what their students are doing!
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Final Thought...

Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors