Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

September 15

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson

Our PBS lesson for the week will focus on being responsible, using the thirs sentence of the Charger pledge.

"You are a giant, yellow highlighter. Highlight behavior you want more of, and help children become aware of the many kind and helpful things they do each day."

Conscious Discipline Video - Connections and I Love You Rituals

The videos this week focus on I Love You rituals that set our students up for success by providing connections. This could be part of a Brain Smart Start. At our level, these are must useful when used with our students who lack those connections with peers or home.

An activity that meets the following criteria would provide a connection:

1. Eye contact

2. Touch

3. Presence

4. Playful Situation

The first video is an overview about connections and I Love You rituals. The additional videos are examples. Feel free to search youtube to find others or make up your own!

Character Trait for September is Respect

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Duties for the Week

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Calendar of Events

Tuesday, September 19

*Fundraiser kick-of video to be viewed in classrooms

*PBS team mtg 3:30

Wednesday, September 20

*Early Dismissal - students released at 1:15

*Adjusted schedule (will be forthcoming)

*PD session focused on trauma 1:45 in gym

Thursday, September 21

*Awards due in office by end of day

*Watch DOGS recruitment event 6:00 in gym

Friday, September 22

*PBS Assemblies

8:30 - grades 3-5

9:40 - grades k-2

*Sue out after 12:00

Monday, September 25

*Sue out at Cognitive Coaching training

*Problem Solving Team mtg 3:30

Tuesday, September 26

*Sue out at Cognitive Coaching training

*5th grade Outdoor Ed Day

*Interagency meeting for JM - Hammann, Haugen, James, Gentry

*Interagency meeting for AM - Bray, Haugen, James, Treat, Gentry

*Interagency meeting for TK - Fleming, James, Treat, Spear, Gentry

*Tier 2 mtg 3:30

*JCPS Foundation Gala 5:00 - 8:00

Wednesday, September 27

*Fall Pictures

*Staff mtg 3:40

Thursday, September 28

*Collaboration Day

*Principal mtg 8:00 - 9:30

*Terri Tillinghast in to assist in office in PM, Sue out in PM

Friday, September 29

*PTO Pumpkin and Mum Sale begins at 3:00

*Terri Tillinghast in to assist in office for day, Sue out

Attendance Concerns

Teachers, please be sure you are taking attendance by 8:30 so that Jeanne can make calls to check on students from whom we have not had a parent report the absence.

PLEASE pay attention when marking attendance to make sure that you are marking the correct child. We are still having teacher mark the incorrect child and are making calls telling parents their child isn't here, when he/she is present. You can imagine this causes concern on the part of the parent! Thank you for watching this to help Jeanne and our parents!

Parking Along Hough Park Road

We have issues with the parking along Hough Park and creating unsafe conditions for students walking to and from school. When cars park on BOTH sides of the street near the lower crosswalk, it creates a "one lane" road for vehicles and blind spots for drivers/walkers.

Please DO NOT park on the school side of Hough Park Road. This will allow for more visibility and safer walking for students!

Be Kind to Neighbors!

Our neighbors across the road have talked with me about our parking issue along Hough Park, particularly directly across from the building.

On Thursday, they will place their trash cans at the curb between the driveway of the white house and the sidewalk of the red house. There will be 4 of them and they need space between the trash "cans" so that the trash truck can pick them up to be dumped. DO NOT MOVE THEIR TRASH CANS. We are wanting to work with our neighbors!


1. We greet students at the door each morning, or for each class. Can you incorporate different greetings from our Conscious Discipline learning into your greetings?

2. We record minors on the data sheets to reflect the reteaching or additional practice we provide as learning opportunities for students. Minor sheets are turned in to Jeanne each week for entry to inform our Tier 2 work and tracking impact of interventions.

3. Grades/scores are entered into Infinite Campus grade book by Tuesday of each week.

AWARDS for Students!

Teachers need to be making selections for their awards to be handed out at our assembly on September 22.

1. Decide for on a recipient for each award:

*Student of Character - demonstrated trait of the month (respect)

*Noble Knight - a role model

*Charger Award - someone working to improve in academics or behavior

*Specials teachers will select one student in grades k-2, one student in grades 3-5 for an award.

2. Contact parents to let them know their child is receiving an award. It would be great is parents could attend the assembly, so let them know the date and time.

3. Write 2-3 sentences on the back of the award to tell why the student is receiving the award (this is read at the assembly).

4. Turn your awards in to the office by end of day, Sept. 21. (I prefer earlier to help me organize!)

Shout Outs!

*Shout out to ALL staff for a WONDERFUL experience for students with our first family time! It was awesome to go to classrooms to see the mix of students enjoying you and other students. Look for pictures at our next assembly! Family Picture event!

*Shout out to our third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers who did an excellent job at the Back to School Night last night! Parents came left "schooled" on how to support their student.

*Shout out to Doug, Lisa Dierking, and Jessica Jobe for hosting our first Conscious Discipline parent group! Great learning for families to support our students!