PTA Monthly Newsletter

December 2021 and January 2022

December Happenings and PTA updates

Hello snow leopard families!

I have to admit it was difficult to type “2022” in the heading above. But before we get into 2022, there is still much fun to be had in 2021…

1. First off, On November 30th, it is our Great Alaskan Pizza Company night. No need to call in your order, just show up and they will have $5 pizzas hot and ready for you! Alpenglow will receive a percentage of their sales that night. No flyers necessary.

2. Then on December 1st, we have our general PTA meeting at 3:45 in the library.

3. December 3rd is Popcorn Friday!

4. Finally on December 10th, from 5-7pm our long awaited WINTERFEST will be happening!!

There will be ice skating, crafts, games, pizza, hot chocolate, and live reindeer that make a great photo for the holidays! This is a free event put on by the PTA. Please RSVP at the link below, if you haven’t already.

Winterfest RSVP

And of course this will need volunteers!! So please consider signing up to volunteer, or even splitting a shift with a buddy. Thank you.

Winterfest Volunteer sign up

5. Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is coming to Alpenglow! Starting on December 14th, students will go with their class during an assigned time and can shop for their friends and family for the holidays. It will run from December 14th-December 16th. Flyers and money envelopes will be coming home with your student soon!

This requires volunteers!! Please consider signing up for a time slot at the link below.

Holiday Shop Volunteer sign up

6. December 16th is our second Panda Express Night! What a great way to end the second quarter and start the holiday season- no dishes!!

And lastly, maybe most importantly, I want all of you to know how important fundraising for our PTA is. I know I keep talking about how grateful I am from the jog-a-thon money, but seriously, with the money we raised, we have been able to do so many wonderful things this year! It makes me so happy! To name a few....

Did you know that the school laminator broke WAY early on in the school year and we don't have a laminator available for our teachers!? Crazy, right?

So with the money we raised from Jog-a-thon, PTA was able to make this much needed purchase for our school! Woohoo!

Also, the PE department has been wanting a Gaga Pit for the students for several years now, and this year, we could make it happen. And so we did. The students are going to love this!!

PTA was also able to fund the entrance fees to enter Alpenglow in the National Spelling Bee! Start studying, kids! Alpenglow hasn't been a part of this in years, and now we're back in the game.

We have some incredible PTA parents. One of our PTA parents has been putting together "You've Been Spotted" bags for our snow leopard staff. These bags are full of goodies like earrings, lotion, water bottle stickers, gift cards and more, and are just little reminders to our Alpenglow staff how much we appreciate them.

Another one of our PTA members is going all out and decorating our hallways for the holidays! This makes it so fun for the students and brings some extra holiday cheer.

Again, thank you for all your support, volunteering, supplying the emergency snacks and water for the classrooms, and everything you do. Thank you, thank you!!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at

Have a great holiday season!