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How was Ojai?

Hi team!

This update is from a Minnesota Consultant who shared her information with me. I think it has some great information in it and wanted to share it with you!- Lani

"Ojai was everything I'd imagined and more. Of course the views were glorious, the details were perfect and the food was delicious. I have described this trip to my friends as being something like attending celebrity weddings three nights in a row. Everything Beautycounter did was truly 5-star!

But, in my opinion, the most amazing part was the opportunity to hear Gregg Renfrew, Christy Coleman and Mia Davis speak about that with which they're passionate. When you see and hear them in action, your commitment to this mission, and to our standards, becomes even more solidified. Your enthusiasm spikes and you can't wait to share what you've learned with your networks.

What is also incredibly valuable about these gatherings is meeting other Beautycounter consultants and getting to know them on a more personal level. You get to chat about what has made them successful, what hasn't worked as well, and you just get to see what type of people are involved with this company. You always leave impressed! It's that feeling of, "These are my people." Quite literally, women on a mission."

Gregg Renfrew: Who We Are and What We Are Not!


Who/What We Are:
  • A disruptive beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency.
  • Direct retail brand.

Who/What We Are Not:

  • All-natural.
  • All organic.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Preservative-free.
  • An MLM.
  • Direct sales company.
  • A network marketing company.
  • Do not use the terms "non-toxic" or "pure."

Confused? Don't be. Have a chat with your mentor. Or me!

We use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, but our biggest priority is SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE. We use some synthetic ingredients when organic/natural aren't possible - but they are SAFE synthetic ingredients.

There is no such thing as chemical-free. WATER IS A CHEMICAL. Everything is a chemical. And, if there is water in a product, by law you have to use a preservative so that it won't mold (unless it's a product that will be refrigerated). We use the lowest amount of preservatives possible - at safe levels.

We are a direct retail brand, meaning that we sell through a variety of channels: person-to-person (through a consultant), online through, and through strategic partnerships such as those with J. Crew and Goop. This makes our products accessible to anyone - and subsequently helps us achieve our mission of getting safe products into the hands of everyone.

Why Direct Retail
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Gregg Renfrew: BRAND BASICS

Gregg spoke out protecting our brand, and she was pretty fired up about it!

A brand goes beyond the font, style or packaging of our products. It's also portrayed in the way we (consultants) promote and describe our business. Here are a few key points to keep in mind and follow so that we may maintain this stylish, classic and elegant brand.

- Beautycounter - NOT BeautyCounter, Beauty counter or beauty counter.

- Use hashtags ‪#‎switchtosafer‬ ‪#‎betterbeauty when posting on social media.

- When writing or speaking about Beautycounter, please use key terms such as safe, clean, effective and high-performing. Do NOT use organic, natural, non-toxic or preservative-free. Note: We ARE non-toxic. Gregg feels that the term "non-toxic" simply doesn't sound as appealing as the words clean, safe, effective and high-performing. Her statements were within a conversation about proper brand-positioning.

- Please do NOT create your own graphics, fonts or images for social media or any other channel of communication. Headquarters has worked extreamly hard to create beautiful, on brand marketing pieces for us to use (found BTC). If you would like something created please utilize the Print Shop.

- If you don't have the current email signature on your email please follow the instructions on the 'How to Create your Beautycounter Email Signature', found BTC.

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Steve Raack, Head of Operations & Gina Murphy, Head of Sales

Key to Success: Consistent Activity!

Regardless of your ability to spend two hours a week on Beautycounter or 20, the key to growing your business is consistency. Create a HABIT. And, shoot for recruiting three new consultants over three months. He stressed that EVERYONE has some room for improvement on recruiting! Often the only thing standing in your way between you and the next promotion level is RECRUITING.

New Start Counting Program & Consultant Training Modules!

On October 1st, you'll hear about our new and improved Start Counting program, which encourages and rewards early activity by new consultants! Bonus: There is something in the new program for the mentor, too!

And, on November 1st, we'll have TRAINING TRACKS AND MODULES for EVERY consultant level! There will be short daily training bytes that a consultant can complete, to help ensure their success! We've been waiting for a defined training program to be implemented, and IT'S COMING!

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Christy Coleman

Christy did complete makeup on one lucky consultant, and we got to watch every step live on the big screen! There were so many great tips and tricks, that there are really too many to write here. But, I would encourage you to spend some time watching Christy's videos on our YouTube channel so that you understand the most effective ways to use our products.

Don't worry - you don't have to be a makeup artist. I'm certainly not! But it's valuable to know things like using our Touchup Skin Concealer Pen as an eye primer; the effectiveness of pressing instead of swiping our brushes; patting oil in vs. rubbing it; using our Crease Eye Brush for our Mattify Skin Finishing Powder in the nostril area, etc.

We each received a new lip gloss that will be available during the holiday season. You'll LOVE it!!!!
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Mia Davis

Fact Snippets

You don't have to memorize all of our stats and facts to be effective. You just need to know two or three that you can use in conversation, emails, social media posts, etc. Here are a few that Mia mentioned during her presentation:

  • Environmental health factors play a role in about 30% of learning and developmental disabilities in children.
  • Sourcing: Organic = having been certified organic / ingredient has been grown a specific way. Natural = came from a plant or a mineral. Plant-based = came from a plant, but then went through a process. Synthetic = made in a lab.
  • Lead is an example of something that is natural, but toxic. It can alter the IQ even at very low levels.
  • Over 80% of Beautycounter's ingredients are natural or plant-based. ALL are SAFE.
  • What really makes Beautycounter different, outside of The Never List, is our rigorous ingredient screening process.
  • For naysayers who think that the EWG and/or Beautycounter "has an agenda," we DO. It's to get toxic chemicals out of our products!
  • Use the Facts/Stats sheet in Behind the Counter. Don't post or repeat "facts" and stats from random sources, because many of them are inaccurate.
  • Beautycounter provides safe, high-performing and clean products.

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Next Year's Trip Incentive Starts NOW

Next Year's Trip Incentive Starts NOW

There were consultants who earned the trip to Ojai in one month. It is absolutely possible. And, no matter what your recognition title or stage of business, Beautycounter's criteria makes it a pretty even playing field for every consultant. That being said, you do have a slight advantage if you have a team. Having a team means a higher BV, and more opportunities to promote (yourself, and the consultants on your team). I know that each and every one of you is capable of earning next year's trip, and I would love nothing more than to help you get there! Let's get a head start and lay the groundwork now! Connect with me. I'd love to help you! xoxo

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