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Dear Vero, Gary, Fabiola and Junior

As you guys notice, I've included two more people in this newsletter: Junior and Fabiola! Hello guys :) I'm including you here because there are a lot of important initiatives happening that I need you and your LCs to be very active and participative in!

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Amazing Race

The Calling: National Sales Recruitment

Member Performance


Meeting Reminder

P.S. Congratulations are in order! Congrats to Vero and Gary for having your successors :) It is a great honor to be able to pass on the torch to your successors. What legacy will you leave them with?

Love, Julia

The Amazing Race

Amazing Race Orientation

Tuesday, Nov. 19th 2013 at 7-8pm

229 Calle Julian Arce, Santa Catalina, La Victora (MC Flat)

There must be at LEAST ONE MEMBER from each team present. I will take videos of you for the team launch of the Amazing Race! The instructions for the game will be discussed during this orientation so bring your notebooks! :) Hasta manana!

The Amazing Race

Thursday, Nov. 21st 2013 at 2-5:30pm


The location will be announced tomorrow during the orientation. See you there! ;)


1. Wear formal attire

2. Wear FLAT SHOES (for the ladies! If you want to wear high heels, i suggest you bring flat shoes in your bags)

3. Bring your proposals and calling cards

4. Bring a CAMERA for documentation (no crappy camera phones please!)

5. Bring a cellphone with WIFI for TWITTER (extra points)

The Amazing Race: AIESEC Peru Edition

The Calling

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I need your help :(

So far, I've only had one applicant for The Calling. Please invite your friends and ask your members to invite people as well. I'm looking for non-AIESECers to be our next generation of STAR SELLERS!

Things to do:

1. Change your cover photo to The Calling

2. Invite 2 of your friends who you think would be good sellers and give them this letter: http://issuu.com/juliafullflightchu/docs/the_calling_invitation_letter

3. Tell me the names of the two people you recommended:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f-ykmYku3HUrQkG5rbQkxDcSyXU3NtdTbrBn-I1InQs/viewform

DEADLINE for applications: NOVEMBER 24.

Member Performance

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Analysis and Strategies

Gary and Vero, we've already talked about this in detail. This month, we are changing our product focus to IT and we are going to start implementing stricter accountability with our members.

Junior and Fabi, these are the strategies we agreed on:

1. Mandatory 1 meeting per member per week. If it is not achieved this week, they need to have 2 meetings next week and so on. So the meetings not achieved will be carried over to the next month. At the end of the month, we will sit down and have an assessment with the member to either help them achieve their goals or re-allocate them to another function if they are unable to do sales.

2. Amazing Race: the national initiative to get all of our members selling on the streets! A fun and engaging way to make GIP Fly!

Guys, you need to make sure to implement these things. These two strategies need to be passed down to your members and implemented really well.


Gary and Vero, your deliverables are piling up because you still haven't sent it to me. Please send it today!

1. LC Analysis: During the session entitled WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS, i asked you guys to make an LC Analysis. Please send me this analysis in a document. Vero the outputs are with MaCla and Maria.

2. Network Analysis: This is the over-all analysis. Please send me your outputs as well.

3. Market Research: Insights from the market research, other points you want Julio to research on. Vero, thank you for sending me the ppt of your internal and external investigation. Its really good! Great job :)

4. Local Plans: Based on all these 3 things, what are the changes in your local plans? Please send me your GANTT for the remaining two months. THIS IS URGENT! You have less than 2 months left.

5. Synergy Areas: What are your needs and points of synergy from the support function. Please identify every point so we can determine if we are going to provide that locally or nationally. (i.e. calling cards, proposals, etc.)

6. Inputs for training day for new members: sessions and facilitators

7. Date for team building

8. Updates complete with your local tracking

Meeting Reminder

Meeting on Sunday

Please confirm our meeting for this Sunday. 9pm via skype.

I apologize for not making it to our Saturday meeting, I was at the oGIP summit the entire weekend! For sure we will have our meeting this Sunday :)

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Less than 2 months to go. Let's give it our all! NO REGRETS! :)

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