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The American School is a student-centered, college preparatory institution fostering globally responsible citizens and leaders offering a comprehensive, rigorous, international education, promoting core values in a safe, innovative, and collaborative environment.


To be the premier educational institution in the region that prepares environmentally and socially responsible leaders, innovators and lifelong learners.

May 3rd, 1946 - May 3rd, 2021

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Upcoming Events


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ALL proceeds will go towards AST's Scholarship fund!
A great shoutout to all our business sponsors!

Stay tuned in our IG page to see the prizes donated by our school sponsors!

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STUCO Leadership Camp

Does your kid want to be part of STUCO?

Explore different STUCO interests and gain leadership skills in the STUCO Leadership Camp! The camp will take place through zoom from May 1- May 2. This experience is completely free! You can include the camp kit and shirt additionally for L. 255. The payment can be done in the Ficolink below!

Sign up now and reserve your spot in the following link:


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Credits to: Janina Aguilar, Curriculum Department


Baking with Dad

Relevo por la Vida - Baking with Dad!

Dads have always been heroes with a great sense of humor...and now they can bake too!

THANK YOU for helping us raise more than L.10,0000💰 for Centro de Cancer Emma Romero Callejas (CCERC). Thank you Eagles!

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Cognia Accreditation

AST concluded the Cognia accreditation as an International School!

AST has been a Cognia accredited school since 1962, reinforcing our great standards and quality education. Congratulations to all our Eagles who make this success possible!

Model UN Conference

📍Country Day International School in Costa Rica
A group of students attended virtual meetings for the Model UN Conference this year. They worked with students from many different countries, representing international organizations, politicians, and countries to debate on world affairs. Students from AST were on committees that debated public education and police reform in the United States, narcotics trade in Central America, destabilizing terrorist financing methods, and tax havens/corporate tax evasions.

Congratulations to our AST representatives:
- Hector Rodriguez (Best Delegate, Crisis Committee)
- Christian Kafie (Honorable Mention, ECOFIN Committee)
- Miguel Moncada (Honorable Mention, US Senate Committee)
- René Umaña
- José Castillo

Miles for Smiles

Thank you to all our Eagles who supported Operation Smile 😁 in the virtual Miles for Smiles! You are awesome!

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Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day with different activities!

We had a guest speaker (Mrs. Pia Castillo from Punto Verde), we planted a lemon tree, we learned how to cut lettuce, an many more...

Check out this video of our Earth Day celebration...

''He that plants trees loves others besides himself'' - Thomas Fuller

Earth Day

Día del Idioma Español

El viernes 23 de abril celebramos el día del Idioma Español.

Nuestros estudiantes realizaron diferentes actividades para conmemorar este día. Nuestros alumnos de 6to grado nos escribieron cual era su palabra favorita en español. 7mo y 8vo grado grabaron un video diciendo su palabra favorita en el idioma español. Mientras que nuestros alumnos de High School realizaron diferentes Trailers virtuales de adaptaciones de la Tragedia Griega de Edipo Rey, Doña Perfecta de Benito Pérez Galdós, entre otras. Disfruten algunas imágenes y videos de este gran día.

Training Video Doña Perfecta (2021)

NAHS Virtual Art Class

Last Saturday, NAHS carried out a free virtual art class with the Elementary students!

With the "Under the Ocean" theme, they created fishes and sail boats using Romero Britto’s very well known technique! Don’t miss out on the upcoming class in May!

Relevo por la Vida Closure Meeting

Relevo por la Vida said goodbye to the school year 2020-2021 with a great virtual reunion. They made the delivery of a check to Centro de Cancer Emma Romero Callejas of L.10,352 that was collected in the Baking with Dad activity. They also celebrated virtual recognitions to the persons that have had helped the club during the entire year.

THANK YOU Relevo por la vida for your great effort during this school year!

Kudos to their advisor Ms. Raquel Molina and Club President Raquel Marquez.

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T.E.S. Seniors 2021

T.E.S 2020-2021 Relevo por la Vida activity.
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American School of Tegucigalpa Alumni Association (ASTAA) Helping Alumni

Thank you to all the Alumni Association members for coming together to help our Alumni Jorge Sansur ('15) with the donation of L.8,000! Jorge's operation will be done on Tuesday and things are looking very good. Let's keep praying for him and donating to this cause.

If you want to donate, go to the following link:

The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings. - Albert Schweitzer

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American School of Tegucigalpa Alumni Association Instagram

If you are an Eagle Alumni follow us in our new Instagram @ ast_astaa!

*Send a message with your name and the year you graduated! GO EAGLES

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