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Manta Rays' News Waves - 9/19/16

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THANK YOU to all faculty members that we able to attend the Welcome Back Picnic last week. It was a huge success, and having you present was a wonderful way to open our school year.

Reminders this week:

  • STAR Window: Last class of the day please turn off computers
  • STAR Early Literacy: monitor password = admin
  • Recess Room: There are legos, books, movement break items (bouncy balls, cubes, etc.) and other materials on the top of the cabinets and in the closet. If they are yours, let me know and we can find a spot to store them - OR - take them to your classroom. If I don't hear from you by FRIDAY items will be thrown out or donated. Come check out the items! You may want to use some of the manipulatives!

All of the PTO recess room "stuff" is in 3 areas:

1. Next to the heater on the colored mat
2. In the cupboards labeled recess room
3. In the block area

Everything else is up for grabs - all of the things in the lower cabinets, the big cabinet adjacent to the block area & everything on top of the cabinets. Also, everything on the long shelf next to the sink.

If you would like to store items in the recess room, please label with a sign: "Store in the recess room". Thank you!!

  • Matunuck Safety Bags: Please check your emergency bags. You should have a current class roster, binder and flag. Please email me if you are missing pieces.
  • PTO: The PTO has a generous amount of money to spend due to overages from last school year. If you have any ideas of how to spend the money, please email me by Tuesday morning. I am putting together an itemized list for this week's PTO meeting. (Examples: mimio board, classroom rug, osmo, etc...)
  • STAR Early Literacy: STAR EL should be up and running!


  • Salad Bar Week
  • 4th Grade AM Recess Begins


  • PTO Item List


  • PTO Meeting (7:00)



  • Sunshine Breakfast
  • Teacher schedules due

Next Week:
  • 9/26: I will be at admin for the morning
  • 9/27: MTSS Meeting (CCMS 3:30)
  • 9/29: STAR Window Closes