Quick Ways to Memorize the Articles

Madeleine Denner

Cool mnemonic device

Lonely (Article I : Legislative)

Embarrassed (Article II : Executive)

Jellyfish (Article III : Judicial)

Swim (Article IV : States)

Across (Article V : Amended)

Slippery (Article VI : Supreme)

Rocks (Article VII : Ratification)

L for Legislative

The first Article has to do with the Legislative branch. They create the laws for our country. The congress which is made up of the Senates and House of Representatives are a part of the Legislative Branch.

A for Amended

The fifth Article is how the Constitution can be amended. Amended is for something to be changed. When our founding fathers created the Constitution they knew that there would be problems in the future that they couldn't answer in their day of time there for they have the Congress make any other laws "Necessary and Proper". This can follow under two articles the First one and the Fifth one. It has to do with the making and changing of laws there for its considered amended.

S for Supreme

The sixth Article is the Supreme Law. This can be found in Article VI Clause II. This section discusses federal law and state law this includes how when it comes to federal laws if the state has something conflicting it they must remove or change it because they must follow the federal law.

R for Ratify

The last Article, Article seven, discusses the steps that must be in place. This can also be called Ratification, for the United States when they fist only had the thirteen colonies was that 9 out of those 13 had to agree to whatever was going on for them to be able to continue through with it.