The Giver

written by: Lois Lowry- Jasmin Jordan


A young boy named Jonas lives the life of sameness. He lives in a world where everyone is alike and you are assigned to future jobs during ceremonies. As he is assigned, " Receiver of memory", he meets, " The Giver". Jonas receives memories of how life was before sameness and what actually happens in the society he lives in.

Challenges for Jonas

Jonas faces many challenges throughout the story. Being the "Receiver of memory", is not an easy task. Jonas must give the memories to the people in his community without harming them. He embarks on a long journey to give the memories to his community. Throughout the journey he is with Gabriel, his younger brother. They discover new things and many obstacles.

Important characters

"Memories are forever" - The Giver

Pop quiz

1) What are 3 rules did everyone have to follow in the community?
2) What is an assignment?
3) How did Jonas give the memories to the community?
4) Why was Jonas chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory?

Overall rating

What i enjoyed about the book was that Jonas learned things about life. He learned about love, happiness, and family. What i disliked is that people could not choose what they wanted to be in the future. They were assigned jobs. They were not aloud to experience new things and rules were extremely strict. Also, the fact that the community was tricked by people who were lying to them. My overall rating would be 4 stars.
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