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Sacramento (2015) -- After seven years of guiding clients on custom tours of Ireland, Italy, Africa, France, England, Jamaica, and the United States, owner Grady O'Bryant is embarking on a new adventure - the previously uncharted territory of "Ganja" Tours.

"We're establishing one of the first tour operations to enter the emerging market of cannabis tourism," said O'Bryant, owner of and His new venture, "310 Ganja Tours" will take its inaugural trip to Jamaica, where Cannabis was completely decriminalized in February 2015, from July 25th through July 30th 2015. This tour is in partnership with the Rastafarian's of Orange Hill near Negril, Jamaica.

O'Bryant, who has an established relationship with the tourism industry in Jamaica since 2012, has five previous tours to Jamaica attended by over 150 satisfied clients. "Adding the Ganja tour was a no-brainer. O'Bryant said. "Jamaica is well known as the Ganja Capital of the World." He added, "The tour will offer highlights of the Jamaican culture, including food, local landmarks, and a tutorial on the spiritual relationship Rastafarians have with Ganja."

The tour will feature two visits to Ganja fields and a meet-and-greet session with the winner of Negril's GanjaFest. The tour group will also enjoy a Rastafarian cooking class and a Ganja Hop-On Tour - all while being immersed in the beautiful Jamaican landscape. The 310 Ganja Tour group will also enjoy local restaurants and excellent hotels, YS Falls, a Jamaican Rum Factory journey and hours of quality time relaxing by the beach.

O'Bryant says, "Our 310 Ganja Tours will expand the agenda with a combined seven-day Cuba cruise and six-day Jamaica Ganga tour beginning in January 21st through February 3rd, 2016."

Further on the horizon, O'Bryant plans cannabis tours to Denver, Portland, Seattle and Barcelona. O'Bryant is also exploring starting a foundation/scholarship fund for people who've been incarcerated for cannabis offenses. "I'd love to ensure that people have a chance to graduate from Oaksterdam University and start a career at a dispensary or even start their own dispensary," O'Bryant said. The company will also offer private, luxury, and celebrity ganja tours.

O’Bryant is ready to launch a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds required to launch the new initiative and help promote the trips.

Check it out here: Cannabis Friendly Tour Operator Startup Jamaica

Travelers are invited to meet and mingle with other 420-friendly travelers by joining the USA's first 420-friendly travel club at or visit There, you will find information about the Jamaica trip and more. Contact Grady O'Bryant at 916-443-8741.