Cooper Perry Bruhns

My Personality

My Personality Color is Red!

Red people are very dramatic and energetic. I find this quite fitting, as I love participating in community theatre and plays with the high school. We like humor, creative ideas, and options. A few words that describe "Red People" are zesty, spontaneous, innovative, lighthearted, enthusiastic, and dramatic; a perfect definition of how I act a lot of the times.


  • Quiet, but witty
  • A consistent life
  • Good under pressure
  • Keep my emotions hidden
  • Enjoys watching and listening to people

My Animal


My animal is a Swan. Swans are a very complicated animal. On the surface, they are beautifully calm and elegant. Underneath, however, constant motion and work consumes their emotional stamina. Supporting a high profile life takes a lot of energy, and at some points, the swan becomes overwhelmed and takes flight and goes somewhere to meditate and escape the real world. Swans enjoy the finer things in life (I truly do) and have seen the best and worst of life. But, the troubles and privileges they've experienced makes them a well-rounded person.

Careers and Hobbies

  • Actor
  • Musician
  • Dancer
  • Therapist
  • Comedian
  • Journalist


C'est la mort by TheCivilWars

My Influence

My influence on the class and other classmates shall prove to be very helpful to the classroom environment. I'll be constantly attentive to what is happening around me, and know what to do in the right situation. If a student is having trouble, I'll be able to detect his struggle and help them out. If someone is acting out of control, I can calm them down. If things seem to be moving slow and boring my classmates, I'll be able to pop in with a one-liner to help cheer them up. Each Personality Color and Personality Animal will help contribute to a better working environment. Everyone will mesh together into one big mixing pot to create a harmonious blend of hard work and creativity. I'm very excited to see what comes out of my Sophomore year.

~Cooper Perry Bruhns