Pine Cove Chaperones Announced

October 12, 2019

Chaperone Names Have Been Drawn!

Dear 5th grade parents,

We know many of you have been waiting to find out which parent’s names have been drawn to chaperone the Pine Cove field trip. We are excited to let you know that names have been drawn and the list is below.

From the entire Smith staff, THANK YOU so much to everyone who offered your time to chaperone our Smith 5th graders. We wish we could bring everyone, but we had twice the number of parents we needed sign up. This just proves that we have amazing parents at Smith willing to help in the education of all our students.

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If your name has been drawn to be a chaperone please send a response to Mrs. Baril at . We need to hear from you as soon as possible to make sure you saw this and to know that you are still able to be a chaperone. Whether it is yes or no, we simply need a response from you. If you are no longer available to chaperone, we will be able to get an alternate in your place right away.

Chaperones will also be contacted in a separate email from Mrs. Baril no later than Monday afternoon to discuss next steps. Also please clear your calendar for a chaperone meeting on October 24 at 6:30 pm in pod three.


Sheasby, Jenelle

Guinn, Jeni

Wheatley, Kim

Houchin, Corey

Miller, Tyra

Laskaris, DJ

Grim, Teraca

Mitchell, Danielle

Galano, Fatima

Eaton, Susan

Franklin, Rhonda

Sockwell, Demirah

Robertson, Mary

Jo, Maricel

Andregg, Dana

Peel, Deon

Gonzales, Eileen


Kallus, Kevin

Kim, Yoon

Wilson, Tom

Frisby, Cole

Timpani, John

Free, Ross

Stewart, James

Pilgrim, Scott

Redburn, Kevin

Thompson, Troy

Asel, Scooter

Semig, Pete

Brenner, Matt

Perry, Mike

Prand, Sean

Melton, Lauren

Pine Cove- Last call, OCTOBER !5

It is last call for special dietary needs. If your child has special dietary needs, they can be be accommodated. Please designate on the form: or contact Mrs. Baril no later than October 15th!

Fees for camp and transportation are due October 30th. You may pay online: , cash or check. (If paying by check, please make sure to write two separate checks for the transportation and camp fees. Checks can be made out to Smith Elementary.)