Beyond the Call

Madelyn Byrd

Prisoners of war (POWs) were held captive during the Third Reich

-A plan was formed for a secret rescue mission

Robert Trimble was called for the job, being only a bomber pilot with little covert training, he accepted

-Lied to by his officers, he didn't know the true mission

His mission to save hundreds, risking his life

-Effect: scarred memories of the brutality of war

The Head and the Heart - Rivers and Roads with LYRICS!!!

Significance of Title

Lee Trimble’s miraculous true story of his father, Robert, accounts for the above and beyond characteristics that he showed throughout his years of service. This was beyond him, yet he proved that though there were limitations placed on him, he exceeded them in never losing his ambition to save lives.

Robert Trimble

  • Father left him as a child
  • No siblings, just his mother Ruth
  • Interested in planes as a boy
  • Marries his wife, Eleanor
  • Becomes a pilot bomber during WWII
  • Accepts call that will allow him to save hundreds of POWs, as well as many subjects under Soviet's rule

Analysis of main character

  • Young eager adult to take part in the army
  • Overall he is a positive person who wants to take on "this adventure"
  • He puts little thought into what will come from it
  • He loses his innocence as he sees the world for what it is
  • Cruelty from the war will have a toll on him
  • Returning home will result in him having a different view of his life and family

Human Nature

The irreversible loss of innocence

  • Once he loses his innocence by encountering war on a personal level, the memories are unforgettable.
  • “Like a million other young Americans heading toward their first taste of combat in that early summer of 1944, he had little conception of what it would really be like, or just how profoundly it would affect him.
The need for comradeship

  • The banding together as a group to accomplish a goal has a better effect than alone

The effects that the environment has on a person

  • He undergoes a series of changes that will force him to view the world differently
  • “Something in him had altered, and would never be quite the same.”

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Controversial Issue

The controversial issue near the end of the story was if the American politics made the right decision in their affairs with foreign policy. These issues will upset Trimble, in questioning whether the Americans did enough to fix the problems made by the Soviet Union.


The purpose for the soundtrack that I have chosen is to:

  • allow reflection on Trimble's character,
  • show the feelings he had during his service,
  • understand the conflicts he faced, and
  • show his change throughout the process.


I greatly enjoyed reading this novel, given that it depicts the "American hero" as the courageous man who seeks to better his nation. Beyond the Call allows you to look through the eyes of Trimble as he sets off ambitiously on the journey that will lead many to freedom and hope. The tearful experiences from the persecution of many to the embracement of grateful citizens are all examples of Trimble’s raw experience of war upfront and personal.
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