Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Task 3

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Who is the entrepreneur?

Bill Gates is an American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, computer programmer, and inventor.

what does the entrepreneur do?

He runs a couple of known businesses that are worldwide.

Example: Microsoft, Xbox, Window, Skype, Bing.....

what skills and characteristics does the entrepreneur have?

Risk taker:- Bill Gates is a risk taker. when he was young he left harvard university to start up his own business. this was a big risk because he did not know his business would work.

Leadership:- Bill Gates is CEO of a massive company. he has excellent leadership skills because he motivates people and shows them how the busniess could improve.

Innovative:- He is a very innovative person and has come up with new ideas like XBOX and MICROSOFT.

Determination:- He left university early and had to work really hard to set up his business.

Communication:- Bill Gates needs good communication skills to talk to his employees, customers and share holders.