KCCAA Youth Hope Fund News Update

2016 KCCAA CNY YHF Silent Auction

Silent Auction Conclusion

From YHF Executive board President Kevin Li:

"We had a great night yesterday; everything ran very smoothly, and almost every item in the silent auction was sold. The silent auction and raffle combined made over $3900!

I'd like to thank Rachel, Elaine, Austin, Mulan, Charles, William, and Amanda Li for their great help in organizing the auction and collecting auction items.
I'd also like to thank Amanda Chen, Helen Huang, Eric Chen, Julianne Zheng, Ethan Guo, Erin Xu, Willy Jiang, and Bryan Yu, Anna Tang, and Annie Wang for helping me set up and clean up the auction and running the raffle.
Thanks to our amazing parents Mrs. Jing Jin, Mr. Xiaoqiang Yu, Mrs. Tammy Wang, Mrs. Yang Yun, Mr. Linheng Li, Mrs. He Xi for their enormous support and help throughout the auction.
I want to thank our great counselors Mrs.Zhou Zhou, Mrs. Wenyan, and Mr. Doug Ahrens for the countless number of things they did to make the auction as successful as it was; from start to finish we felt their guidance and encouragement.
Finally, I want to thank the KCCAA for their generous support both for the silent auction, and overall for the Youth Hope Fund.

I wish everyone a great Year of the Monkey.



Silent Auction Fund Raised Overview

Net sale total from silent auction items $1949

Raffle tickets $120

T-shirt sale was $30

Cash Donations $60

Take down VIP reception decorations $150

Donations from Waddell & Reed $1500

Donations from Jie Li $100

The total amount raised during this event period is : $3909

About us

The Youth Hope Fund is a nonprofit youth service organization created as a branch of the Kansas City Chinese American Association (KCCAA). We aim to empower youth through leadership and volunteer service opportunities while simultaneously giving a helping hand to those in need in the United States and around the world.

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