Mesopotamia webquest

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The two rivers

They both are together and for the people it is good for tham and for they can have water

For there crops and other thing like to drink out of the water they where like is very great

They will have a lot of water for the crops and they will not need water

The hot and school day

It is hot Avery day that is why we us a lot of water and we have to go to school and are family stay home and work for the king women stay home to do the work at home the dad have to go work for the king Avery day to get us food and a home

Kid at school and hot days

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The writing of Mesopotamia

House and laws

This was the place where they lived for a long time the house is old they love livening thereoThe first code of laws that we have any records of are those of a Sumerian king of Ur known as Ur-namma who ruled from 2112 BCE to 2095 BCE. (By the way, historians no longer use “BC” and “AD” to denote years. The usage is now “BCE” for “Before the Current Era” and “CE” for “Current Era”.) Ur-Namma forthrightly declared the reason for his laws: