Parent Update

South Drop Off & Spirit Wear Day

New Traffic Pattern for the Morning in South Lot

Tomorrow there will be cones for a new traffic pattern for drop off in the south parking lot. The reason for change is due to the safety of students and eliminating the need for them to pass in between or in front of cars in the drop off line. We have had some close calls of parents not seeing students as they begin to drive off, so the new pattern will eliminate that possibility.

The new pattern does not change how families enter the drop off line, only how they exit the line. Instead of driving past the classrooms after your child has entered the building, the new pattern involves a cone barrier which will allow our car line to turn near the entrance door toward the recycle bins, creating a "U" pattern. It is important for parents to stop when exiting the cones from the drop off line because traffic will continue entering and exiting the lot. Since we are creating this "U" traffic pattern, families wishing to park may do on the other side of the cone barrier, closer to the ball field. This shift in parking will allow students to walk to the entrance avoiding the need to cross in front of or between traffic. A picture has been provided to assist in these directions. Our hope is this change will allow for a safer entrance into the school for all students. Thank you for your understanding.

PTU Dress Down and Spirit Wear - Tuesday, November 17

Tomorrow, students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) attended the PTU meeting on Thursday will be be allowed to dress down. For the students not dressing down, tomorrow will be a spirit wear day meaning you are permitted to wear any St. Anthony shirt or sweatshirt in place of your polo shirt. As a reminder, spirit wear days require students to be in uniform from the waist down.

Winter Jackets

As the weather turns colder, students will be going outside unless the temperature is below 25 degrees or raining. It is really important that students be dressed appropriately for these conditions with actual jackets, gloves, and hats. For girls that wear skirts or jumpers, you may bring a pair a sweatpants to throw on for recess. For parents, anticipate that your child will be outside every day and have them bring the appropriate clothes. I will always recommend dressing in layers that can be easily added or removed through-out the course of the day to ensure your child remains comfortable. Thank you for your understanding.