Learning Styles

What are learning styles?

Learning Styles Are...

Learning styles are ways that a person learns best. For example, I could learn best my rhythm and music. Everyone learns different, so the way I learn could be different from the way you learn. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences tells you all about the different learning styles, and how they were originated.

What are the 8 different Learning styles?

Linguistic: Saying, hearing, and seeing words.

Logical/Mathematical: Categorizing, classifying, work with abstract patterns and relationships.

Spatial: Visualizing, dreaming, using the mind's eye, working with color and pictures.

Musical: Rhythm, melody, music

Body/Kinesthetic: Touching, moving, interacting, with space, processing knowledge through body.

Interpersonal: Sharing, comparing, relating, cooperating, interviewing.

Intrapersonal: Working alone, individualized projects, self paced instruction, having own space.

Naturalist:Conduction observations, recording events in nature.

Learning styles can play a big role in your personality!

Believe it or not, the way you learn can effect the way you act. People who are intrapersonal tend to be shy, quiet people. People who are musical are loud, happy people. You get the idea!