Instrumental Musicians

Anvita Kandru

Basic Skills

  • Music knowledge
  • Theory knowledge
  • Ability to play and instrument


  • Performing (live or recorded)
  • Auditioning
  • Traveling
Hans Zimmer - Making Of INCEPTION Soundtrack

Working Conditions

  • Be able to perform for long periods of time
  • Be able to endure a lot of travleing
  • Performing in sound studios
  • Performing in live audiences

Hours and Travel

Depending on what type of musician:

  • Regular work hours
  • Additional performances
  • A lot of practice hours

Educational Requirement

Bachelor's degree in music study or theory

  • Master's in music/fine arts
  • Lifelong training and practice


Average hourly wage: $32.10 per hour

Average hourly wage in Texas: $24.37 per hour

Average annual wage: $64,200

Average annual wage in Texas: $48,740

Future Outlook

5% predicted growth 2012-2022

Entertainment industry is growing

Can find work in a band

Can find work in an orchestra

Can find work as a recordist for movies or TV shows

Hans Zimmer: the Conscious of Creating the Film Score
Composing Music for Film

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