Sydney's Bucket List Ideas

By: Sydney Pop

1. Ridiculous Canyon swing

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This amazing rope swing is found in no other than in Queenstown, New Zealand. This canyon was created by physical weathering! It was also eroded by a glacier!! How amazing is this! :P

2. Hang Gliding Over Mount Everest!

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This hang glider is gliding in Nepal!! Crazy right?! He is gliding right over Mount Everest! Obviously, this incredible mountain was created by physical weathering. It was eroded by water.

3. White Water Rafting

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White Water Rafting in the Salmon River

I want to go white water rafting! I do not just want to go to any old river. I want to go to the Salmon River, located on the border of Washington and Oregon. Chemical weathering happended here. I think a glacier might have came through here and eroded it.

4. Cave Exploring!

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Cave Exploring in the Cango Caves!

I want to go cave exploring! I have never stepped foot inside of a cave so this would make for a fun experience. The Cango Caves are located in Western Cape, South Africa. Chemcial weathering occured here because of the stlagmites. The force of erosion is definately gravity.

5. Skydiving

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Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

When I turn 18 this is where I am coming skydiving. This is Interlaken, Switzerland. Physical weather occured here, and I think a glacier went through here because the water is so clear. This place is so beautifu! :P