SST9 Monthly Newsletter

November 2021

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"It was November...the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind, and songs in the pines." - Anne of Green Gables

Please take a moment to scan through our November Newsletter. We hope that you are finding this monthly communication to be informative and succinct. Team members are working behind the scenes to refresh our SST9 website - hopefully by January - and, we now have a simplified email address. Book studies are underway and a new "On Demand" asynchronous professional learning menu will be released soon. Will you consider joining one of our many networks? Descriptions and dates may be found below.

Please contact me, or any team member, should you have a need for assistance.


Laurie Langenfeld

SST9 Associate Director


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SST9 staff now have a simplified email address...

Beginning November 1, 2021, SST9 staff have a simplified email address.

Our team will continue to receive emails sent to our "" as well. You are welcome to continue using the previous email or to add our new email address to your contact list. We hope this simplifies the contact process with our office.

Thank you for sharing this with all who may benefit!

Family Engagement Center State Advisory Council

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center is now accepting applications for new family representatives on our State Advisory Council for 2022.

CLICK HERE for the link to share with families so they may learn more and apply.

Thank you in advance for your for sharing with your families and school community!

State Advisory Council Overview

At the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center, our work is guided by our State Advisory Council, a group of parents, caregivers, educators, and Ohio organization representatives. This dynamic and diverse group of leaders provides our center with valuable insights and connections. The members also connect with each other and form stronger networks of support for the families in their communities. Each year, we recruit additional family members to continue our commitment to have parents and caregivers representing over 50% of our 60+ members.

Family representatives on our council may serve from one to three years. A typical Advisory Council meeting provides members with information about family engagement, helps members connect with each other and resources in Ohio, askes members to provide guidance for the development of a tool, policy, or other resources, and requests assistance from members in building awareness of the importance of family engagement in their community. The Advisory Council meets four times a year, virtually, for about three hours.

We are seeking many different perspectives that represent the families of Ohio. Applications are limited to parents and caregivers who are not professional educators or administrators. In addition, children of parents and caregivers should be enrolled in the public school system.

The deadline for applications is November 19, 2021.

Junior Achievement Inspire Virtual - Overview Session

JA of North Central Ohio staff will provide an overview of how to access and implement JA Inspire Virtual in your district on November 15, 2021. JA Inspire! is a FREE, virtual opportunity to access career readiness supports for ALL middle school and high school students! All secondary educators are encouraged to participate.

CLICK HERE for more information.


If you are looking to learn more about implementing UDL, consider joining the Ohio UDL Collaborative for our monthly PLC. We will focus on different topics and network problems of practice.

The first session is NOVEMBER 2, 2021 from 3:30-4:30.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this networking opportunity.

Early Childhood PD Brochure

Our team develops professional development that is OCCRCA-approved for our early learning partners. Region 9. There are required trainings, networks, book studies, on-demand options, and more. CLICK HERE to check out the offerings.

SST9 PD Calendar

CLICK HERE to view the entire PD calendar on our website.

Power Standards Webinar

Creative Leadership Solutions is facilitating a webinar on November 10, 2021, related to the topic of Power Standards. The webinar will be from 3:00-4:00.

This Power Standards seminar focuses on the importance of a coherent and consistent curriculum based upon an agreed upon subset of essential concepts and skills all students are expected to master. Participants learn the research of effective practice, apply the process of identifying Power Standards, and commit to short- and long-term action plans that include rigorous implementation strategies.

CLICK HERE to register.


OCALICON will be November 16-19, 2021. CLICK HERE to register and learn more about OCALICON 2021. This will be the event's 15th year. SST9's very own, Julie Weyandt and Colleen Kornish, will be presenting.


The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) and the Ohio PBIS Network have their annual Showcase scheduled for December 9, 2021. This year’s event is FREE, but registration is required to receive access to the event and materials.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • 20 sessions to choose from
  • Keynote speakers—Dr. Doug Reeves and Anthony Coy-Gonzalez
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with presenters
  • Access to all recorded sessions and materials following the event
  • Opportunity to earn contact hours

From sessions on advancing work for TBTs, BLTs, and DLTs, to PBIS in remote learning settings, creating distributed leadership models, and supporting the whole child through Tier Two interventions...they have something for everyone.


Congratulations to Tuslaw Local School District for being selected to present at the OLAC & PBIS Showcase! Their session will be from 10:10-11:10.

One Needs Assessment

The 2021-2022 One Needs Assessment questions have been pushed back and should be released this month. The One Plan will no longer be entered in the CCIP but will have its own platform that is connected to the ONA. We will be sharing more information at our ED STEPS Network.

ODE has announced its training dates for each cohort.

CLICK HERE to read CCIP Note #485 for more information.

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Message to Our Partners

We are proud to serve and support you as you work on continuous improvement efforts and strive to meet the individual needs of your students. Please contact our office if you have questions related to our universal and tiered supports.
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