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Donna Dackow is incredibly happy that she decided to switch careers into the mediation field. Donna Dackow knows the work is challenging, but it's also very rewarding to know that you were instrumental in helping two parties come together to negotiate a solution they both find acceptable to whatever issues they were having trouble with. There aren't a lot of professions in the world that do this on a regular basis. Currently, Donna Dackow works at Mediation Associates of Florida where she deals with mediation cases on a daily basis. She loves the work and is looking forward to building a career in the field.

Quality Writing Is a Skill of Donna Dackow

The ability to write well is one skill that has been fading in the current generation of workers. Since people rely so heavily on technology, they spend a lot less time writing. Schools have been facing funding cuts for many years, and the quality of the English and writing education they provide has been reduced. Donna Dackow thinks this is very unfortunate as having the ability to write well can take you very far in education, the business world, and the professional world.

Many people don't have the ability to write well in the first place. When an employer knows that you are capable of writing well, it gives you a much greater chance of being hired. The ability to write well demonstrates aptitude and intelligence that means you are a trainable worker who can learn quickly. Donna Dackow has noticed this throughout her career when working with others and hiring employees (when she worked in management).

Donna Dackow encourages young professionals to make efforts to improve their writing. The ability to write well played a huge role in Donna Dackow's academic performance. She was able to finish her MBA from the University of Tampa with excellent grades. Even better was when she graduated from law school with her Juris Doctorate and finished with Pro Bono Honors due to her academic excellence. Now she relies on her writing ability to help her succeed in her chosen field of mediation. Writing well has certainly helped Donna Dackow go far in her career!

Mediation Associates of Florida: Donna Dackow's Current Workplace

One of the fastest growing areas of the legal field is in mediation. Mediation has become a much more favorable option for people dealing with legal issues. These people are looking to avoid the expensive and time-consuming costs of using attorneys to deal with their legal and business situations. Mediators can help two parties come to conclusion in a way that benefits both parties and avoids many of the problems that can arise from hiring attorneys.

Donna Dackow recently switched careers from business marketing and management into mediation. She came into the field with an excellent academic and practical performance while earning her Juris Doctorate at the Florida Coastal School of Law. Donna Dackow has been working a great deal since joining Mediation Associates of Florida but enjoys every minute of her work. The success Donna Dackow has had in her mediation work only empowers her to continue improving her skills and learning to be a better mediator each day.

Mediation Associates of Florida provides high quality mediation services to all of its clients. The firm focuses on making sure that disputes are solved in an agreeable and acceptable manner by all involved. The staff has a great deal of skill and experience in mediation and brings all of that experience to each case, no matter how small or large.

Donna Dackow loves working at Mediation Associates of Florida. The challenges and work that her clients bring to her keep her job exciting and always a little bit different from the last bit of work Donna Dackow had to accomplish.

Communicating with People Comes Easy to Donna Dackow

There's one skill that can help people excel in their social and professional lives. That skill is the ability to communicate effectively with others. Many people learn this simply from their social interactions, others must study to improve, and the best communicators have a natural talent honed by education.

Donna Dackow has always had a knack for communication and speaking with others. She studied communication and successfully completed her studies. She never had a problem with public speaking and enjoys speaking extemporaneously whenever she gets the chance to do so. Nervousness prior to public speaking is challenge that can be overcome with dedication and hard work; Donna stressed preparation but says a few butterflies are a good thing and nothing to be nervous about as it means you are invested in what you are speaking about!

Her ability to communicate well helped her succeed when she was working in management and marketing. Dealing with other customers, employees, and consumers meant that Donna Dackow had to make sure she could get her point across clearly and diplomatically. There are some in business who struggle with this and their accomplishments reflect this struggle. That's certainly not true for Donna Dackow.

Her communication skills have become even more influential and important since she began her new career in mediation. Mediation requires the ability to communicate and navigate delicate issues that are facing two parties in order to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion. It's tough work, but Donna Dackow relies on her knowledge, skills, and her ability to communicate well to get the job done. She loves the field she is in and plans to continue working as a mediator for many more years.

Donna Dackow Has a Strong Educational Background

Education is one of the most important areas of life that a person can focus on. There is no harm in a person continually improving their education as it can enrich their personal or professional life, and many times it improves both. Donna Dackow has been a long-time believer in the power of education and she has used it to change careers and improve her life twice.

After graduating college and learning a great deal from her studies, Donna Dackow realized that she wanted to pursue a career in business. She applied to the University of Tampa's MBA program in Human Resource Management and graduated in 1999. She spent many evenings glued to her books and studied hard throughout the program.

This gave Donna Dackow the knowledge and skills she needed to jump into a career in marketing and management. While in this field, she worked with Brown & Brown as a National Marketing Manager, with AIG as a Senior Production Specialist, and with AllSouth as their Vice President.

While she enjoyed her work in marketing and management, Donna Dackow felt the urge to explore another career. So, she went back to school to earn her Juris Doctorate and pursued a career as a mediator. She was able to do this because she puts faith in education and works hard to make sure it improves her personal and professional life. Without education, she would have never been able to change careers and improve her life the way she already has. More education never hurts!

Donna Dackow and Mediation

Mediation is a growing practice in the legal field. People are becoming more and more aware of the fact that hiring a mediator can be a faster and less expensive method of dealing with legal troubles. As attorney fees continue to rise, mediation has been a field experiencing very fast growth. Often times they can solve the problems that many people hire attorneys for. Mediation can also be used as a tool for those represented by attorneys to use to get more economical and faster resolution than the traditional court system.

Seeing the growth and success of many mediation firms, Donna Dackow made the decision to change her career path a few years ago. She attended the Florida Coastal School of Law and finished her Juris Doctorate with Pro Bono Honors due to her public service and academic efforts. Since then, she has been working in the mediation field and enjoying every minute of it.

Currently, Donna Dackow is working at Mediation Associates of Florida. She brings a great deal of practical business experience to the firm and is able to translate that into successful mediation work. Donna Dackow is also a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and has a variety of other certifications to her name.

Donna Dackow loves the work of mediation because it gives her an opportunity to help people communicate and reach a deal or agreement about an important issue to both parties. This is something that often doesn't occur in personal and business matters which leads to long and drawn out legal battles. Donna Dackow enjoys the fact that she can help both parties come to a conclusion and reach deals that are beneficial to both.

Donna Dackow Knows the Value of Volunteering in the Community

Donna Dackow grew up in a family that valued the importance of volunteering in the community. Volunteering is one of the most important activities an individual can decide to do. One of the most important resources that a person has is their time, and to give that to a cause that helps improve the lives of others is a very admirable and important action.

Recently, Donna Dackow has devoted much of her volunteering to organizations that help women in the community. One of the places she has volunteered with for several years is the Springs Battered Women's Shelter in Tampa, Florida. Volunteering at an organization like this can be very demanding emotionally as the people that rely on the shelter have gone through very traumatizing situations. Still, Donna Dackow knows how important it is that the shelter has as much help in doing its job as possible.

Another place that Donna Dackow has volunteered at for over 3 years is the Hubbard House in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a very similar organization to the Springs Battered Women's Shelter in Tampa and Donna Dackow has been able to transfer the skills and knowledge she learned while volunteering for so long in a similar environment.

Donna Dackow will continue volunteering at the Hubbard House for as long as she can. She's also open to checking out other organizations in need of volunteer help in the Tampa area. She believes that no matter how busy she is, there's always a little extra time in the day to help out a worthwhile organization!

Success Tips for Professional Women with Donna Dackow

Donna Dackow has found a great deal of success as a professional woman. She works in Tampa as a mediator for Mediation Associates of Florida. She has worked hard for many years in order to attain the position she has today. Below, she would like to provide a few tips that professional women can use to continue climbing the ladder to success.

· Work with assertiveness. Donna Dackow says that it is vital for women to be assertive in the workplace. Make sure that you stand up and stand out as a professional businesswoman. Donna Dackow says that being professionally assertive will help you to overcome many of the challenges that are faced by women in the workplace.

· Do not try to multitask. Donna Dackow says that it is important to focus on one project at a time. Do not try to handle too much at once, otherwise you will experience a decrease in your overall work performance. Donna Dackow says that if you find that you are not able to complete all of your tasks for the day, it is better to reschedule them than to rush any particular assignment.

· It is important to work in a safe environment. Donna Dackow says that while a good salary and benefits are important, nothing should be more important than the safety of your work environment. Make sure that your office, location, commute, and any other requirements keep you in a bubble of safety.

Donna Dackow has seen a great deal of success in her profession. She hopes that the tips she has provided above can help you find your path to success.

Donna Dackow

Before entering her current field of mediation, Donna Dackow worked for many years in marketing and insurance management. Donna Dackow earned her MBA in Human Resources management from the University of Tampa in 1999 and began working in that field shortly after. She worked at Brown & Brown as their National Marketing Manager, then moved on to AIG as a Senior Production Specialist, and finally to AllSouth as their Vice President. Donna Dackow learned a great deal in those positions, but then ultimately went on to earn her Juris Doctorate and work in mediation.

Donna Dackow’s Tips on Being Successful Mediator

Donna Dackow works in Tampa, Florida as a mediator. She works for Mediation Associates of Florida. There, Donna Dackow enjoys being able to work with various clients in providing them with mediated settlement agreements. She works hard to ensure that she is able to work with her clients in order to offer appropriate dispute resolution solutions. Donna Dackow works with a specific set of guidelines in order to be a successful mediator. She provides the following tips:

· Make sure both parties and representatives are present. Donna Dackow says that in order to reach an agreement, the parties involved must have the authority to resolve the issue at hand. Donna Dackow also says to make sure that both parties are fully aware and informed of the situational issues and have the authority to enter into settlement agreements.

· Make sure to “roll with the punches.” Donna Dackow says that in any mediation situation, new information can crop up that can change things drastically. Donna Dackow says that, as a mediator, it is your job to expect the unexpected. Learn to work with the developments, as they may help you resolve the case.

· Make sure to take in all information and listen. Donna Dackow says that one of the most important jobs of a mediator is to listen. It is important to take in all of the details surrounding the situation, as it will help you in creating a resolution.

Donna Dackow has been involved in mediation services for a number of years. She is highly trained and educated in mediation. She hopes that you will find these tips helpful in your endeavors as a mediator.

Donna Dackow Educational Background

Donna Dackow has spent many years in the university and graduate school system. She has also spent just as many years, if not more, volunteering for various organizations. Donna Dackow enjoys giving up her free time in order to help others. It has helped her in her career as a mediator and arbitrator, as working with so many individuals helps her learn the best methods of communication. Today, Donna Dackow is a mediator and arbitrator. She works in Tampa, Florida at Mediation Associates of Florida. Below, we will explore how Donna Dackow went from a university graduate to a Supreme Court Certified Mediator.

When Donna Dackow first began attending the University of Tampa, she did not imagine she would become involved in mediation work. After four years of hard work and dedication, Donna Dackow earned a B.A. in Communications. A few years after graduating with her first degree, Donna Dackow decided to return to the University of Tampa in order to earn her M.B.A. After more years of hard work and many hours of study, Donna Dackow earned a degree in Human Resource Management. She took her degrees and entered the field of insurance.

While working in insurance, Donna Dackow had to earn a number of licenses and certifications. This required further training and education. In 2001, she earned the 220 Florida Insurance License. Later, in 2004, Donna Dackow became a Certified Insurance Counselor. Finally, in 2007, Donna Dackow became a Certified Risk Manager. Eventually, Donna Dackow decided to go back to school once more, there she earned her Juris Doctorate.