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Reading Can Come to Life

Our library's makerspace is now a reality.

Vision Statement

The vision of our MakerSpace is to provide an opportunity for students to extend their reading opportunities to tactile, STEAM related activites centered around the 4Cs: communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Students read about characters who communicate, think critically, collaborate and create all the time. The MakerSpace will be an opportunity for students to apply their reading into a real life context. Our MakerSpace motto is "Reading Can Come to Life."

Big picture

Below is a PDF copy of our library's makerSpace February calendar.

​Breakout EDU Games- Communication, Critical Thinking & Collaboration

Breakout EDU Games are games for students of all ages. Students work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open locked boxes. The games are adaptable to any subject area. It is fun for everyone. It promotes collaboration and team-building. It develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills among many other skills. These games have become quite popular at the library.

Arts & Crafts Workshops- Creativity

We expect to offer an arts and crafts workshop a minimum of one a month. We offered our first workshop in December. Students had the opportunity to create holiday decorations. The response was overwhelmingly positive. It was standing room only. We plan on holding a St. Valentine's themed workshop in Mid-February.

Robotics- Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration & Creativity

Our MakerSpace will adapt an eclectic approach to robotics. A variety of resources and tools will be offered to meet diverse student needs. Special attention will be made to providing equal access to robotics curriculum. We will provide a curricular progression model. This will help us insure that our students learn foundational STEAM fluencies to prepare them for onging STEAM learning. We have currently partnered with Rokenbok Education to provide us with training and robotics equipment for our lab.

Reading & the MakerSpace Workshops: communication, critical thinking, collaboration.

Our MakerSpace has partnered with Rosen Publishing to provide students with access to a cutting edge eBook series titled Kids Can Code. The series consists of 26 coding titles. All of the titles are unlimited, simultaneous access. Students learn about computational thinking through hands-on activities that teach the most important aspects of coding in an age-appropriate manner. The MakerSpace will be hosting weekly workshops covering different titles in the series. Students who attend will participate in door prizes and special raffles. The series is available by going to the "eBooks" tab on the top menu and selecting Rosen.

How can staff participate?

Follow these easy steps.

1) Read any books during the month of February.

2) For every book read, you will earn a heart and a raffle ticket good towards book prizes.

3) You must come in person to claim your raffle ticket and your heart.

4) All hearts will be displayed at the "I Love Reading" wall in the library.

Big picture

Book Tasting: Teacher Preview Event.

Nachos and ice cream will be served in exchange for participating in a "Book Tasting" event. This event is for teachers only.

What is it?

Book tasting is a new, innovative way to promote literacy. A number of our tables will be decorated to resemble a restaurant. Instead of tasting food, you will be sampling a diverse collection of library books.


We need teachers to join us in promoting literacy at RDM.


Friday, February 9th from 12:20 to 12:50 p.m. The event must end by 12:50 p.m. as we have a robotics training at 1:05 in the Library as well.

How do I sign-up?

We need an accurate head count to insure we have enough food. Please express your intent to participate by completing the Google Form displayed below. You may click here for direct access as well.

Robotics Training on Friday, December 9th

This session will introduce you to all of the curricular material that accompanies the ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab. You’ll learn how to help any student connect with their inner designer and engineer, going hands on through fun and engaging lessons that range from spatial reasoning to critical thinking and problem solving. Using our Labs and STEM-Maker Curriculum, every educator can become a STEM mentor.

More info

Who: any teacher and instructional aide interested in learning more about Rokenbok and the robotics equipment that is available at our library's MakerSpace. The trainer will be Chelsey Kiester with Rokenbok.

What: Workshop on how to introduce robotics into the curriculum

When: Friday, February 9th. The workshop hours are 1:05 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Teachers may leave at 2:40 p.m. or donate your time after that.

Where: Inside the Library

If you are interested, please sign-up using the Google Form below or linked here.