Culture of Chad

By Lauren Ingraham

The People

Chad's population is 9.5 million and growing at the rate 3% anually. The official language of Chad is French and Classical Arabic. Religion is very important in the daily life of chadians. Roughly half of the population is Muslim, 25% Christianity, and 25% animist.


Chad's arts are varied but can mainly see French influnces in the architecture and fine arts. Most marrages are arranged by the families and the bride usually married in her teens and the groom in his twenties. Grooms have to pay the bride-price ($50-$500 depending on her beauty) and often wait to marry. Weddings are elaborate and can last up to four days. For recreation, the youth like to play games outside such as basketball and ropeskipping. Women and men like to talk and drink.

Customs and Courtesies

Greeting are very essential to Chadians. Most people only touch others with their right hand and keep their left hand for personal hygiene. When greeting, you must greet the eldest first, working your way down to the younger people, and always greet the men first. When eating men are first...again...and they get the best parts of the meal, like the best parts of the meat and stuff like that. Children next then the women last after everyone has been served.


Chad's government consistis of a president, a prime minister, and a national assembembly. Chad is one of the poorest countries. 85% of the labor force is substance farming. Only 4% in employed in industry.