VanderWall & Wedick's ELA Classes

Week of 11/14-11/18

Unit 2: Elements of a Story

We are now entering a new unit about elements of a story in fiction. The next few weeks, we will be kicking off our unit by reading spooky stories and learning how to make a story scary. Students will eventually be writing their own spooky stories.

We will end the semester by reading a short novel.

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Stem List 15

We have a new Stem List. Stem List 15 is the last list we will be learning this semester. We will be having a cumulative assessment over Stems Lists 11-15 towards the end of December.

Find Stem List 15 here. Students have Stem List 15 flashcards due tomorrow, November 15.

Demerit System

You should be receiving a letter home today from your student about our new discipline program starting this week, beginning November 14, 2016. There are several behaviors addressed through this discipline program, which specifically targets behaviors needed to develop skills for post-secondary education and work. The behaviors are listed on the letter home. The consequences escalate with the number of behaviors recorded for your student each week. During class, teachers note the behaviors from the list below on a shared document. If a student reaches five behaviors for the week, he/she will receive the first consequence. Once a student reaches each level of behaviors, the consequence changes.

Students will be warned as teachers enter behaviors into the shared document as they near consequences. Each week, the list is evaluated, and students receive the consequence matching their behaviors. Students with consequences will be given a letter to go home each Monday with the behaviors and consequence outlined. Parents and guardians will choose the date of the consequence, sign the letter, and the student will return the letter on Tuesday. Failure to return the letter results in a phone call to parents so that a date for the consequence may be set.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call Jeremy Johnson or Teresa Cribelar-Sornson.

Jeremy Johnson


Teresa Cribelar-Sornson


Upcoming Dates

Monday, November 14th - Library Day

Tuesday, November 15th - Writer's Notebook Due

Friday, November 18th - Stem List 15 Quiz #1-15

Tuesday, November 22nd - Greyhound Dodgeball Tournament

Friday, December 23rd - 40 AR Points Due