Rare but Potentially Deadly Foodborne Illness

What is the Botulism Virus?

The Botulism Virus is a Paralytic Illness that is caused by a Nerve Toxin. The nerve toxin that is released to make up the Botulism Virus, is made up by a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. The CDC estimates about 150 cases per year!

Some Classic Symptoms

Some Symptoms of the Botulism Virus include:

  1. Double or Blurred Vision
  2. Drooping Eyelids
  3. Slurred Speech
  4. Difficulty Swallowing
  5. Muscle Weakness.

If the Botulism Virus goes untreated, Muscle Paralysis may progress to the Respiratory Muscles, Legs, Arms, and Trunk. The respiratory paralysis may necessitate the stricken victim be placed on a ventilator, sometimes for months. Mortality rates have dropped significantly in recent decades, though, to between 3% and 5%